Recent finds

Haven’t been ‘out shopping’ too much lately, as I am really trying to FORCE MYSELF to use up what I have before I buy more.  Especially when it comes to craft supplies!!!  I can ALWAYS find some ‘cool new stuff that I love and MUST have’ IF I go to a craft supply store.  Still stopping into a thrift store or two for a quick look on the days I am out and about running errands or stocking at Stars; but only allowing myself to buy things that are HALF PRICE.   Here’s what I’ve found in recent thrift trips:

Little wood chest, which I will repaint.

Some wood finials and a little jester ornament (it was only 50 cents so I couldn’t resist!  No idea what I will DO with it!)

Ugly/cute vintage baby doll!  The blue fur body is kinda CREEPY, but he had a sweet face.  Will probably add a crown!

Crepe paper garland/ fringe for crafting.

Cheesy picture but cute frame  which I will paint white.

JUST because it was so dang cute (and cheap!) gift bag!

Vintage wicker picnic basket; will be dry brush painted white or aqua.

Assorted glassware that will be made into cloches.

Counter jar and tiny cloches.

Blue vases.  The one on the right is from an ‘Edible Arrangement’ and makes a PERFECT base for a cake pedestal by gluing a plate to it.  The FLARED base gives it good balance.

Always need white canisters.  Big glass jar is handy for displaying small items in my booth.

Funky duck pitcher!  Have never seen one like THIS!  Usually they are ‘standing up’.  Have found several duck pitchers, both big and small, like that.  But this one was so unique and cheap I had to get it!

Pretty covered ceramic container.

Little white creamers.  Always need these and watch for them to go to half price.

Don’t usually buy them with designs on them, but this one I liked enough to buy.  The brown and tan one will go with my crock display at Stars.  That little one in the front is for melted butter.  It has a corn cob embossed on it.

How SWEET are these babies?!?!?!  These are BIG 11″ X 14″ pictures in really cheapo frames.  I just love the pouty lower lip on that baby boy!!

That will hold me over for a while.  I’ll be stocking a lot of that stuff at Stars today; along with quite a bit of Christmas stuff.  Even the brand new inventory I am taking in IS included in my 40% off  ‘down-sizing’ sale.  



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