LOTS of new goodies just stocked at Stars . . . and even the NEW STOCK is 40% off!!!

Spent FIVE hours at Stars yesterday.  First had to tidy up both booths.  I could TELL I had sold a lot of stuff because of how disheveled my spaces looked.  (happy dance!)  WAS going to pull a few furniture pieces to make more room for smalls, but MOST of what I had planned to pull had sold!  Yippee!  So I did some rearranging, pulled some stuff from the back, to the front; and switched others from floor level to eye level.  Even IF you don’t have to make room for new inventory, you should move things around, back to front, low to high; EVERY time you visit your space.

  I put most of my new Christmas product at the front of my booth space.

Mostly ‘everyday’ product in the wall space; except for baskets of ornaments.

I put the hand made ornaments in wire baskets on top of this cubby shelf so they are right at ‘grabbing level’.  Ornaments really sell better NOT packaged.  But not packaging them leads to a lot of damage and breakage; so I did package the bigger more breakable ones.

More ornaments in this basket sitting atop two benches.  All of these big ornaments are priced at $4.95.  With the 40% discount they are just $3.00!!!  Perfect for a ‘little gift’ that’s ‘not to little’ for co-worker and neighbor gifts.

Some really darling vintage repro Christmas post cards and blank note cards.

Wreaths and wall decor.

This white cubby shelf was the perfect spot of all my Christmas ‘littles’.

Just in case you are wondering why I have time to post on Thanksgiving; it’s because my son is in Hawaii (seriously jealous!!!) with his girlfriend and her parents. So we are having our Thanksgiving on Sunday.

Little soap dishes are cute ornament displays during the holidays!

Filled this little shelf with Christmas too.   Mini table top trees on top in fun colors!


Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Happy Shopping!  Happy Holidays!

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  1. How much are your crocks of brushes/brooms? LOVE them!!!

  2. Sorry Jenn, I don’t remember the prices on all those items ‘off the top of my head’; but I always price my items VERY reasonably. So NOW with the 40% off sale, the prices are amazing. But, they are only available for purchase at Stars.

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