As I’ve already mentioned, I have not been going thrifting too terribly much these days.  Only when I am already ‘out’ for some other errands, and IF a thrift store is ‘on the way’.  Found this basket a couple of weeks ago, and it was priced so low that I couldn’t not buy it!

I’m especially avoiding the craft stores because I know I will always find some new awesome craft supply that I NEED!   FORCING myself to use up what I have.  And I have a LOT of ‘craft crap’ as my other half calls it!  I really REALLY want to downsize the excess supplies I have.  I’m working on it and focused on it EVERY day.

Quite a bit of it has been going to etsy, at crazy low prices and with a FREE SHIPPING offer if you buy  three or more listings.  Then if I can’t come up with a way to use it right now, and I don’t think it will sell on etsy, it goes to the thrift store.  I’ve pretty much been taking more TO the thrift store lately than I have been buying and bringing home!

This type of basket is something that I have been looking for forever!  One that doesn’t have all that fabric stapled to the inside, and has a flat lid and handles that go to the sides so that I can STACK stuff on top of it.

It did have this nasty piece of elastic stapled to the inside of the lid.  I just ripped it right off and grabbed some pliers to yank out the remaining staples.

For now, I’m thinking about using it as my ‘project basket’ in the living room.  I ALWAYS have a small messy pile of ‘something’ that I am working on while I watch TV.  Something that I really do work on EVERY day, so I don’t really want to pack it up and take it back to the craft room.  BUT I am really trying to keep the house ‘tidier’.  S o perhaps I will leave my current ‘hand work project’ in this basket, next to the sofa in the living room.  Close at hand, but out of sight.

I also found this vintage sewing box a while back.  Was going to paint it aqua and sell it; but now I’m thinking I need to keep it and USE it, in my new quest for neatness WHILE I work on projects!

Would look much nicer than the kleenex box of threads and needles I usually keep my sewing supplies in.  Especially when I leave it out in the living room, to stitch while I watch TV.

I always need more white dishes for my space at Stars.  I watch for them to go to half price at the thrift stores so that I can give my customers a better price, and still make a wee profit.

Very PLAIN stoneware plates, like these, are the most popular; AND hardest to find, of course!  About pricing:  I ALWAYS price dishes INDIVIDUALLY, even if I have a ‘set’.  Reason being, if you price it as a group it never fails that someone wants ‘just a few’.  Then you HAVE to break up the set and re-price everything individually!  So, why not do it that way to begin with?!?  If they want the whole set, does it really matter if they are priced separately???  This is especially wise at a ‘remote’ location, like a mall setting where you are not right there.  Saves the staff a lot of extra work and phone calls.

Salad / dessert plates seem to be what people are most often looking for.

These clear plates and little shrimp cocktail glasses will become cupcake pedestals.

Just add e6000!  Easy peasey!!  These will be going to Stars after Christmas, with my Valentine product.  (Which I really need to start working on!!!!)

Always need crocks, big or small’ white or cream/tan/brown!

You’ve actually already seen how I used all of these.  And ‘cherub’ items are something I have always looked for when out thrifting.  But NOW that I have discovered how cute the small candle holders are when I put a little bottle brush tree into the candle hole; I’ll be especially looking for small ones!

These are a previous project, but using the white cherub candle holders again.  These had a flat enough surface that I could glue on (e6000) a plate and turn them into a dessert pedestal!

The ones I took to Stars have already sold, but three are still available in my  etsy shop.  

I also had some taller ones that I made into pedestals.  Alas it got tipped over and broke while at Stars; so it’s now glued together and in my personal collection.  (WHY do I only keep the broken stuff for myself?!?)

The white cow creamers are something that I ‘always’ buy (IF the price is right!) .  The little chick is a salt shaker and will probably eventually don a party hat and stand atop an Easter gift box.   The  baby Jesus in the manger looked like something cute to put under a cloche.

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