Well, THAT was a waste of a day!!!

Spent the better part of the day yesterday in the ER again.  sigh.  Nothing serious, as it turns out.  (and truly Thanking God for that!) Just annoyed that my stupid body does such stupid things sometimes!

So along with my scoliosis (and subsequent permanently fused spine from C7-T9; which is about HALF of my spine which seriously limits me to the point that I am considered legally ‘disabled’) osteoporosis. arthritis, asthma, COPD, sinusitis, severe aortic regurgitation and allergies; high blood pressure and high cholesterol; NOW I have circulatory issues as the result of a childhood injury to my right leg?!?!

So when I was 12, I fell through a plate glass window.  ‘Back then’ safety glass was a NEW thing and not required by law.  I was letting the dog outside, slipped and put my hands up to break my fall.  My hands broke the glass and I fell directly onto all the shards of broken glass; slicing through just about everything in my right leg; muscles, nerves, lymph glands and yes, the femoral artery.  Technically I was DOA when I got to the hospital.  No pulse. No heartbeat.  No blood pressure.  All of my veins were even too collapsed for them to give me a transfusion.  So I’ve got another scar where they ‘slit my wrist’ to get a needle into a vein to give me blood.    VERY bad situation.  I am lucky I lived.

For years I walked with a limp.  To this day I have a 12 scar on my leg and several other 4 AND 5″ scars.  Remember how self conscious you were at that age in middle school???  I may as well have carried around a SIGN that said “FREAK”.  I got stares and bug eyed looks constantly.  I finally was able to walk normal, learned to live with the scars and shrug off the stares.  Figured I was done with that ‘nightmare’.  Nope!

NOW, and apparently from all the vascular damage that occurred back then, I have circulatory issues in my right leg.  A week ago I woke up with a really bad cramp in my right leg, and my leg was noticeably swollen.   I’ve had leg cramps at night, and restless leg syndrome  now and again; but this was different.  Worse.  I could barely even walk and it continued to hurt ALL DAY.  Would ease up a bit while I walked around; but cramp up when I rested and got up again.

My first worry was a blood clot, so I looked that up on-line and not all the symptoms fit.  So I waited it out.  And over the week it got better and had just about gone away.  Then I did not sleep well on Monday or Tuesday nights and it flared up a bit.  Then I went to Stars on Wednesday; and had quite a lot of work to do on my booth and ran a couple of errands on the way home.

On Thursday I went grocery shopping and ran the rest of my errands and did a little bit of thrifting.  Usually I don’t ‘go out’ 2 days in a row like that.  But I only even leave the house 2 days a week for those very same things!  So, yesterday morning my leg was worse, (cramping, pain and swelling) and I decided I’d best call my doctor and ASK if it was something he thought I should be seen for.  Usually takes DAYS to hear back from him.  this time the nurse called me back in less than 5 minutes and said the doctor wanted me to go straight to the ER and be checked for a blood clot.

So I called Michael and let him know, but told him NOT to worry until I knew more.  Waited to get in,  Waited for the nurse.  Waited for the doctor.  Waited for the ultra sound tech.  Waited for the doctor again.  (at least there were TV’s in the rooms!)  The good news was no blood clot.  The bad news is I need to ‘take it easier’!  WTH!!  I’m taking it as easy as I can already.  Oh, and I should probably be wearing those lovely compression stockings to be sure I don’t end up with a blood clot.

My right ankle has always been a little swollen, and it was always assumed from that childhood trauma.  But I never imagined it could get this bad?!?!?  I really think the 2 days of hardly sleeping at night was what ‘put me over the edge’.  At least now I know. When my leg gets cramped and swollen I just need to STOP, rest and elevate it for a while.

So that was MY excitement for the week!  How are YOUR holiday preparations going??

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  1. Paint up those stockings to give them some personality and proudly wear them. Maybe your legs will feel better.

  2. Stockings help I wear them after by pass surgery , sorry you are feeling pain I struggle with many health issues as well , Its horribly frustrating

  3. Really sorry to hear you’re having a not fun time. Take good care of yourself. I really enjoy your emails. You inspire me to try new projects. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Your email friend, Lee


  4. WOW …… you sound like the bionic woman. The fact that you are able to even get up and go everyday is a minor miracle unto itself. One would never guess you operate under so many ailments, your blogs are so lively and your accomplisments are so many. You are truly an inspiration and make me ashamed I don’t get more done …. I am such a procratinator!! Just had to say ….. you touched me, I need to re-read this each and every day!! The best to you & yours. Merry Christma!!

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