Tiny snowmen; repurposed old spools

12.5.12 finds crafts Stars 016Got this big bag full of tiny spools of white thread at Every Husband’s Nightmare Bazaar last month.

12.5.12 finds crafts Stars 037My first project with them was to mount my tiny white bottle brush trees to some of them; and some of my bigger brush trees to bigger spools.   Still had a LOT more spools to use up.

12.5.12 finds crafts Stars 043While I was sorting through them to select the sizes to use for the tree bases, I noticed I had quite a few in graduated sizes that looked like tiny snowmen!

12.5.12 finds crafts Stars 045So I started rummaging through my supplies to see if I could find something to make into hats for them.  Found these tiny wood spools and wood discs that were the perfect size!

12.12.12 projects Stars 020I found some small buttons and glued those on.  Picked the orange sprinkles out to use for noses and VERY carefully glued them in place.  (they crumble very easily!)

12.12.12 projects Stars 021A very QUICK dot with a DecoColor pen for the eyes.  And even though I made the dot super fast, the ink still bled a tad.

12.17.12 finds hats nude beach sign 017Glued the spools and wood discs together and painted them black.   Glued the in place as hats.  (there’s one of the ones where the eyes bled.  sigh.)

12.17.12 finds hats nude beach sign 018It’s a bit too late in the season to put these out for sale, so I’ll set them aside for next year.  Maybe use them in front of some little Puts houses?!?

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  1. Love the idea very cute. Thank you for sharing.:)

  2. I’m a computer idiot but I do have a question for you? I want to make a “cake stand” for my daughter for Christmas. I found the perfect plate and “base” for this. My question may be really stupid BUT what is the name of the glue I need to use to do this? I’m guessing regular super isn’t it? And I forgot the name of the glue you recommend for these projects? e-0000…..6…..??? IDK? LOL! Could you just shoot me a quick e-mail? I know it’s in your blog a zillion times! And I also know as SOON as I hit “send” I will find it somewhere? LOL! Have a very Merry Christmas! (LOVE your blog by the way!!! It is my fave, by far!!!)

  3. […] Here’s the post that shows how I made the snowmen last year. […]

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