New SPRING ribbon collection now in at Costco

WHOA!  They are super early with the spring ribbon collection this year.  At MY Costco, that is still a fair amount of Christmas ribbon still available too.  I guess by ‘overlapping’ the two seasons they can avoid putting the Christmas ribbon on clearance??

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 075I only allowed myself to buy this one spool.  Lots of other fun bright spring colors though.  (didn’t have my camera to take pics!)  And even some coordinated sets of two ribbons together.  This ribbon that Costco carries is the LEAST expensive and best quality ribbon you will find ANYWHERE.  Even cheaper than WHOLESALE!  It’s just under $8.00 for FIFTY yards.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 076

So, of you are in the market for some new gift wrapping or crafting ribbon, DO check out what Costco has.  And I’ll try to post a picture of the rest of what they have soon.

******EDITED TO ADD******

I remembered to take pictures of the ribbon selection at Costco today:

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 142Ribbon Wonderland!

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 149These are a couple of the selections with 2 coordinating ribbons of 25 yards each.  All the rest are 50 yards.

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 147

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 146

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 148

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 143Hard to tell in the pictures, but there are many different designs on the white spools.

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 144That’s the turquoise that I got.

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 145It takes a LOT of self-restraint for me to not buy one of every color!!

But seriously, if you use ribbon for crafting or need some for gift wrapping, Costco has the BEST PRICE of anywhere I have ever shopped.  And a pretty awesome selection too!

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