Updated little birdcage

4.12.13 signs CURIOSITIES stencils 001Saw this sad and dusty little bird cage filled with faux greenery at the thrift store.

4.12.13 signs CURIOSITIES stencils 002Upon closer examination I could see that the greens were just ‘sitting in there’ in a piece of green styrofoam; and not GLUED or wired in place.  AND it was half price!  IN my cart it goes!  I can always, ALWAYS use (SELL!) just about any kind of birdcage.

4.16.13 Cuiosities Stars 031 I recently painted two similarly shaped cages white, I decided to go Aqua on this one.

4.19 .13 projcest Curiousities 025Just dumped out the dusty greens, washed the dust off the cage and let it dry.  Then spray painted it.  I have a cute white bird pedestal that will look cute inside this.

* When I am considering bird cages to buy, one ‘bonus factor’ that I look for is that they open up ALL the way.  On this one the entir bottom comes off so I can easily display stuff inside.  On the white cages,  the entire dome top opens up.  I still will buy ‘real’ cages that only have a tiny cage opening, and they still sell just as well.    But IF I can find them like these they are more fun to use in displays.

Other than my fav aqua-bluish color; I tend to stick with neutrals for painting my bird cages.  Black or white are always good.  Metallics are very popular right now, and they have some gorgeous metallic spray paints that would work beautifully on bird cages too.  (i just don’t happen to have any of those colors on hand right now!)

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  1. I love bird cages too! Just like you, I’ll buy just about any I can find because they always sell. I love doing them up for Christmas the best, followed by Spring. Good job with this one!

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