Getting CLOSER . . .

 . . to having my booth at CURIOSITIES in Beaverton full enough!  

4.29.13  Curiosity SIGNS 001Had Michael go with me on my last trip in and get the pegboard installed so I can actually HANG my signs:

4.29.13  Curiosity SIGNS 006Not that I’m terribly fond of pegboard, BUT it IS very useful for hanging signs, especially in a retail environment where things are constantly being rearranged.

4.29.13  Curiosity SIGNS 008Much easier than patching up and painting over nail holes every time you move things around!

4.29.13  Curiosity SIGNS 039Even WITH the pegboard and being able to hang quite a few signs, I don’t have room to hang them ALL!  For now some extras are just plopped on a crate shelf.  I still have LOTS more signs to make and stock.  will have to come up with a ‘better system’ for storing the extras.  The small ones, like these, can easily go in a crate.  But I have a lot of BIGGER ones (up to 36″ long!) too, that I need to come up with a way to store that is also easy for shoppers to look through.  I’m open to ideas!

4.29.13  Curiosity SIGNS 003I’m starting to add in more ‘cottage chic’ items in addition to the existing primitives.  To keep it from looking too mis-matched, I’m grouping like items together.

4.29.13  Curiosity SIGNS 005Primitive with primitives.

4.29.13  Curiosity SIGNS 008And cottage chic whites together.

4.29.13  Curiosity SIGNS 014NO such thing as too many white pitchers!

4.29.13  Curiosity SIGNS 007Added a shutter to the back corner wall for a little more hanging space.  My booth sign and a couple of 12″x12″ signs. NEW ‘Man Cave’ sign (LARGER version coming soon!) And the covered boxes I recently posted about.    Doesn’t that wire cloche look perfect on top?!?

4.29.13  Curiosity SIGNS 020This wire cloche is priced individually.

4.29.13  Curiosity SIGNS 011This one is a ‘set’ that includes the base.

4.29.13  Curiosity SIGNS 010This one with the cherub base is also a set.

4.29.13  Curiosity SIGNS 030This one made from a wire lamp shade form, and the  little metal table it’s on are individually priced.

4.29.13  Curiosity SIGNS 009And my official booth greeter!  ALL of her components ARE for sale, but individually priced.  Black wire mannequin, feather angel wings, vintage sheet music crown, vintage toille apron, vintage white petticoat, and little grey tutu.

4.29.13  Curiosity SIGNS 023Sweet bell cloches to collect or use to cover your favorite little findings.

4.29.13  Curiosity SIGNS 024Rustic weathered wood hearts with hinges and shutters with heart cut-outs.

4.29.13  Curiosity SIGNS 037



4.29.13  Curiosity SIGNS 029A few more Paris chic items.

4.29.13  Curiosity SIGNS 028



4.29.13  Curiosity SIGNS 035CURIOSITIES  is open six days a week; 10am-6pm.  CLOSED MONDAYS.




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