To alter or not to alter???

4.30.13 etsy signs SIGNS 001Found this cute little guy while thrifting this week.  He is just about ‘life size’ too!

4.30.13 etsy signs SIGNS 006He had what ‘looked like’ a light fixture, but it didn’t work.  Price was right though, so I bought him; thinking I might be able to easily replace the light.

4.30.13 etsy signs SIGNS 005

I’ve never seen a bulb like this before and I couldn’t figure out how to ‘unscrew it’ to even take it to look for a replacement.  hmmmmmmmmmmmmm….

4.30.13 etsy signs SIGNS 004I suppose I could stuff a string of led lights into him to light him up.  OR maybe alter one of those little ‘clip lights’ that take night light bulbs.  OR just sell him ‘as is’ and suggest using battery operated tea lights to light him up.

4.30.13 etsy signs SIGNS 002My other thought was to cover him with old book pages???  But I probably couldn’t get that much of a higher selling price for the amount of work that would take.

He IS awfully cute as is.  I’m sure a ‘doxy collector’ would snap him right up.

To alter or not to alter?  That IS the question!

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  1. I love the idea of book pages but might not be a good night light if you do! He is cute either way.

  2. Oh yes, do alter! Book page decoupage and a big bow around his neck with a bone-shape tag. What a cutie patootie!

  3. That is always the question! ….isn’t it !

    I might try a reverse botanical or flourish type stencil all over ! …then paint it so the light shows through just the stenciled areas 🙂

  4. I would leave as is. Somebody might want to use him as a mannequin to display doggie clothes since you said he is near life-size. I know that if I lived in your area and saw him in your shop that is what I would buy him for. I am always on the lookout for life-size figures to display my wares.

  5. I’ll buy him right now!!! I am a huge doxie lover!! 🙂

  6. Please do NOT alter; he is cute as he is. (Plus, altered would limit who would want to buy him.)

  7. Just saw this puppy. Don’t know what you decided to do with him, but I would vote for leaving “as is”. But I think I would put in a strand of LED lights or the one single light. Some people have no imagination & need to see what can be done with this. Plus I think he would be so cute in a child’s room as a night light. Love your posts, your shop & your Etsy store.
    I am opening a VERY small space at a craft mall next month, here in OKC and have been pouring over your shop pictures & things that you have made, to get some ideas.
    Thanks for letting me “pick your brain” as your creativity flows out across the Internet. 🙂

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