Outdated vintage magazine table – UPDATED!

Forgot the before picture, sorry.  But really not much to see.  It was that really dark stained knotty pine, and the top was pretty badly scratched up.

5.5.13 signs etsy 012I gave it a good sanding, then spray painted the whole thing black.  On items like this, where there are lots of slats and hard to reach interior parts, SPRAY paint is a real time saver.

5.5.13 signs etsy 013After my spray paint dried, I hand sanded (using a sanding SPONGE) around the edges and the grooves on the top so some of the original brown showed through to distress it.

5.5.13 signs etsy 015Then the HARD part!  Deciding what to paint on it!  At first I thought about using the three lines as part of the design, but it just didn’t feel right.  So I did a laurel wreath stencil with the bird with crown stencil in the center.

5.5.13 signs etsy 018Then with a foam stamp, added a fleur de lis on each side.

5.5.13 signs etsy 019Sanded over the stenciled on design just a tad before applying a matte varnish to the table top.

5.5.13 signs etsy 016And DONE!  This will be going to my booth at Curiosities in Beaverton.

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