Now that I’ve figured out how to do white lettering on black backgrounds . . .

 . . I’ve gone on somewhat of a black sign making binge!!

5.5.13 signs etsy 028This was my first try with gold paint for the lettering.  The lettering came out a bit faint and hard to read unless you are at just the right viewing angle.

5.5.13 signs etsy 078The BIGGEST problem with stencil painting is if you have too much paint on your utensil, you lines will ‘bleed’.  So I couldn’t load MORE paint on my applicator sponge to darken this cool gold paint.

5.5.13 signs etsy 072

BUT, since there IS so little paint on your applicator, it dries very quickly.  So what I did was go back over the whole thing with a secondary application to get my color darker.  Worked like a charm!

5.5.13 signs etsy 029Then I did some Ivory lettering on the black backgrounds, using the same ‘2 coat’ technique.

5.5.13 signs etsy 036

ALL of these signs are available for purchase in  my etsy shop .

5.5.13 signs etsy 040

5.5.13 signs etsy 046

5.5.13 signs etsy 056

5.5.13 signs etsy 081

5.5.13 signs etsy 102And I did do some in my regular cottage colors.

5.5.13 signs etsy 024

5.5.13 signs etsy 050

5.5.13 signs etsy 098

5.5.13 signs etsy 007And my FAVORITE newest stencil design!

5.5.13 signs etsy 141And a slightly smaller 20″ x 10″ version for my etsy shop.

These signs will also be going into my mall booths over the next couple of weeks.


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