New dolls (statues?) to alter!!

I am soooooooooooooo excited about this find!!!  I’ve been wanting to find some more dolls to alter and turn into ‘Santos-like’ figures.  And I finally found them!!!  AND it was HALF-PRICE DAY!    I wasn’t even planning on going to the thrift store.  I don’t NEED anything,  I really don’t.  But it was half price day and I hadn’t been to this thrift store for some time and I WAS driving right by . . .   Check out these beauties!!~

5.8.13 StarsCURIOSITY 004And I ALMOST passed these up!  I had found a couple of little things and was at the counter to pay for them.  This particular thrift store  displays some of their ‘more valuable’ items behind the counter, and that is where these figures were standing.  Knowing that it was typically more expensive stuff that they put behind the counter like that, I almost didn’t even ASK how much they were. ??!?!

5.8.13 StarsCURIOSITY 007I really even kind of like them ‘as they are’; so I will probably let them ‘hang out’ for a while before I alter then.  These two have swim goggles on their heads, but I’m pretty sure I can easily sand them off.  Would live to find some GOOD crackle medium to use on them when I am ready to work on them.

5.8.13 StarsCURIOSITY 008The arms are even movable.  The one with no hands is like that intentionally.  Santos dolls are often missing hands too, so it’s all good.

And the moral of this story is “ALWAYS ASK!”  Just look what I’d have missed out on if I hadn’t asked how much they were?!?!


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  1. I can’t wait to see the finished product! These were an awesome find, indeed.

    – Teresa

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