The bed is back in my space at Stars . . .

 . . and I totally rearranged 75% of the space yesterday!  WHEW!  That was a LOT of work.   But it’s the kind of thing that once you move ONE thing, it’s a snowball effect and it ALL has to be moved!

Here’s what’s going on, in general, with my space at Stars.  My sales have slowed considerably since the first of the year.   I’m not sure if it’s ‘just me’, of if everyone else has seen the same slow down or what???  I’m not friends with other vendors that I can ask ‘how their sales are’.  Soooooooooooooooo  I work on the assumption that I just need to ‘DO BETTER’.

The first six weeks in the new space (and with the bed in place) and sales had not picked up, I decided the bed had to go BECAUSE it was not a ‘real bed’ and not for sale so it wasn’t doing anything to improve my sales.  Maybe it was even HURTING my sales because it made my booth SO cramped and difficult to move around it.  Out with the bed and in with some additional furniture.  No difference.

So I decided I may as well put the bed back in, if for nothing else but the ‘ahhhhhhhhhhhhh’ factor.  But now I had to make ROOM for it again.  I took out one big display shelf, and used a smaller table for the bed this time.

For some reason, this BIGGER booth (than the one I moved from) has always FELT smaller to me.  I thought it was such a GREAT idea to line the two outside edge OPEN sides of the booth with back to back shelves to really maximize the space.  But it didn’t seem to improve my sales any.

Another reason for putting the shelves on the OPEN sides was that I wanted to use the other two actual walls for hanging things on.  Ah, but ONE of those two walls was really only HALF a wall, halfway back; making it unusable for hanging things.  Might as well cover that spot with a tall shelf.  And THAT is where this latest rearrange began.

3.12.13 NEW BOOTH Stars 001THIS is what the ‘aisle side’ (as opposed to the side that faces the back wall side) originally looked like.

3.20.13 stars Passion signs 080THEN it occurred to me that it would look more cohesive it both the shelves on either side of the entrance to my space were the same color; so I switched that up.

5.14.13 Stars Curiosities 014THIS is what that side of the booth looks like now.  The BIG aqua hutch that was on the left is now along the inside wall, just behind the little round table on the right hand side.  HERE:

5.14.13 Stars Curiosities 045The entire part of the wall that this hutch is covering up AND the area that the shutter behind the round table is in the previous picture is the ‘unusable’ part of the wall.

5.1.13 Stars Curiosities 037This is what that same area looked like before.  I was trying to make use of the hanging space by using shutters, but that ‘sloppy space’ on the far left where you see the fabric always bothered me.  So I just covered it up.  With less space to hang signs now I’ve just had to display some like this:

5.14.13 Stars Curiosities 035Time will tell if this works or not.  Might have to have Michael build me a sign display box.

3.12.13 NEW BOOTH Stars 011This is what the outside corner of the space USED to look like.  The right side faces the aisle and the left faces the back.

5.14.13 Stars Curiosities 020This is what that corner looks like now.

3.20.13 stars Passion signs 106This is what the booth looked like with the original bed.

4.8.13 STARS no bed 001Then this is what it looked like after I took the bed out.

5.14.13 Stars Curiosities 026And this is what it looks like now.

5.14.13 Stars Curiosities 036This little corner is the part that hasn’t been changed just yet.

4.24.13 buys stars etsy crap 065And this is what is on the other side of that corner, facing the back wall.

I’m happy with the changes for now; although I’m sure I’ll do a fair amount of ‘tweaking’ still.  But it still FEELS smaller than my previous space which actually WAS smaller.  sigh.

The ONLY think I can think of that could me making it ‘feel smaller’ is that I am leaving ‘openings’ 3-4′ wide on BOTH of the open sides of the space.  And my old space only had one open side to work with.  So maybe next time, when I work on that other corner, I’ll go ahead and close up the entry on that side and make the only opening a bit bigger.

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  1. make the corner your opening…

    • Hi Risa,

      I DID consider that at first, and may yet give it a try. BUT, given that my booth is the last one in the row, I was concerned that it would just end up becoming a ‘short cut’ with people cutting across there. And/or just get overlooked! Because you would only SEE the entrance from one very limited spot coming or going down the aisle. It seems like it would be too easy to walk by and not see it if you turned your head to look at the stuff across the ailse even for a second.

  2. I like the changes and the bed back in. Frankly I shy away from over stocked places…they feel clostrophobic (?)….toooooo much going on and it’s sensory overload. Just me

  3. Close one side completely and open other side completely.. I think people are just walking by and not going in. The openings seem small(from the pictures anyway) Love the little bed! And booths with lots of items to look at..

  4. It looks great! Maybe next time you are ready to switch up again, consider having shorter shelves at the corner/entrances. People could see past them into your space. We have a corner spot in an antique mall and love it……roomier appearance without feeling boxed in by walls. Sales do seem to slow some before tax time.

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