Quick project

GOTTA LOVE how a three-minute dry brush paint job can pretty up a plain ole seagrass chest!

Remember this thrift store gem from a few weeks back?

5.21.13 finds signs projects 063You don’t HAVE to be crazy to live in Oregon. But if you aren’t, the weather here will DRIVE you crazy!  Last week I was wearing shorts and it was even hot enough that we needed to run the air conditioning in the house.    Then this week, WINTER has returned with a vengeance!  Windy, COLD and stormy.  Back to wearing jeans and sweatshirts and running the heat and grabbing a blanket to keep warm while watching TV!  CRAZY I tell you, just crazy.

5.21.13 finds signs projects 065

We had a brief respite for the winter resurgence on Monday morning.  I decided to take advantage of  it while it lasted and loaded things in my car for my trip to Stars on Tuesday.  Finished that and the sun was still shining!  So I started looking around for ‘Quick outdoor projects’ that I could take inside at a moments notice when the rains returned.  Dry brushing this seagrass trunk was one such project.  It even stayed warm and dry long enough for the paint to dry completely!  

5.21.13 finds signs projects 066Once dry I went ahead and loaded it in my car.  Then it occurred to me that it ‘needed something’.  So I grabbed my tube of e6000 and plopped a big white fingerling starfish onto the front.  ALmost put the starfish on the top, but caught myself as I thought of where I’d put it in my booth and realized I’d probably want to STACK it.

5.23.13 stars etsy signs 049And here it is in my booth at Stars!  Sitting atop a vintage picnic basket that I repaired a while back; and with a stack of pillows on top.  (Carolyn C – that’s the one you talked me into getting that day we went shopping together!)

5.23.13 stars etsy signs 053After I got home from Stars and was looking at my pictures from the day, I realized that I could have /should have stacked those other two on top of these two!  Oh well, maybe next time, IF they haven’t sold already!  



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  1. Oregon is not the only place with CRAZY weather. Oklahoma weather has been up and down and hot and then cold all spring. I feel for you!

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