My booth at CURIOSITIES in Beaverton

Haven’t done TOO much more to it YET.  Waiting for the ‘vendor work night’ to do a major overhaul.  Kind of nice to have that time to work and not have your booth be an obstacle course for the shoppers!  Here are the latest pics:

5.14.13 Stars Curiosities 006SWEET little white picket fence shelf that Michael built from scraps.  Kind of hidden with all the stuff on it, but you should know by now that sometimes you have to DIG a little to find the treasures in my displays!

5.14.13 Stars Curiosities 007Old rake heads can be used for LOTS of things.  Hang glass stemware from them.  Use to hang your jewelry, or as a towel rack or coat rack.  Even in the garden shed to hold the rest of your tools!! ***(BONUS TIP!:  If you want to keep the old-crusty-rusty look, but DON’T want that stuff to SHED all over the place (because it WILL shed and make a mess!)  apply a coat or two of clear varnish!  I used spray varnish on these, so they are ready to use.  But ANY varnish will work if you need to treat what you have.

5.14.13 Stars Curiosities 003It’s all but impossible to take pictures of MIRRORS!  I have two very  nice ones, with distressed black and brown frames, rectangular shaped and can be hung vertical or horizontally.  Very basic style will work with just about any decor.

5.14.13 Stars Curiosities 002Lots of signs.  ALL made using reclaimed wood.

5.14.13 Stars Curiosities 005I can do custom signs too.   See my etsy shop or email me for into.

5.14.13 Stars Curiosities 012SO many signs and not enough wall space!  Don’t forget to thumb through the box of signs too!

5.8.13 StarsCURIOSITY 091GORGEOUS antique spool bed WITH rails (they are off to the side)  Full size.  $119.00.

So if you are going to be stuck in town with this lousy weather over the long holiday weekend, venture over to  CURIOSITIES  in Beaverton for a bit of shopping therapy!  (but don’t forget they are closed on Mondays!)

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