Another orphaned picnic basket

6.1.13 laundry sign WONG 001Ant this one has FEET!!!  I love things that have feet!  The first thing I usually do when I come across an old picnic basket that is for sale, is to look inside; and if it has a fabric lining, I pass.  I just don’t like the gingham check or plaid fabrics they always seem to have.

6.1.13 laundry sign WONG 003But this one had STRIPED fabric, and I was instantly smitten!

6.1.13 laundry sign WONG 002And even though the fabric in the bottom part was noticeably more faded and worn than the fabric on the inside of the lid;  I was not dissuaded.  While it as most definitely faded and worn, it wasn’t STAINED or DIRTY.  (Maybe THAT’S what I don’t like about most fabric lined baskets?!?  You can’t really tell if they are CLEAN or not?!?)

6.1.13 laundry sign WONG 005So I brought this little lovely home and decided to make her outsides as lovely as her insides, by dry brushing some cream color paint.

6.1.13 laundry sign WONG 006I really like this kind of ‘overlapping’ handles too.  Keeps it closed up nice and tight!

6.1.13 laundry sign WONG 007The paint helped cover up the few visible bumps and bruises, AND will help extend the life and usefulness of the basket.

6.1.13 laundry sign WONG 011I added a little felt chandelier tag and a tulle bow.    Not sure WHICH mall this one will be going to just yet.  Will have to wait and see which has room for it first.

Now I KNOW many of you prefer to leave things like this ‘au natural’ and as found.  I love to find them in good enough condition to do so too!  But, seldom could I afford to BUY them in such ‘perfect condition’ and sell them in my booth and make any money.

Besides, my philosophy leans more towards ‘adopting’ the sad and ugly items that no one else wants; that might otherwise end up in a dumpster or a burn pile; and give them a NEW LEASE ON LIFE.


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  1. I have one of these too and, for the past 40 years, it has kept all my sewing things. The lining keeps all those small things from falling out, and it and really holds a lot of fabric, scissors, bias tape, thread, patterns, pins and needles. I’m glad this one has been recycled.

  2. Just beautiful! What a treasure. I love how you change things from trash to treasure!

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