Updating an outdated vintage wood jewelry box

5.27.13 CURIOSITY  baskets 021I come across little wood jewelry boxes like this quite often during my thrifting rounds.  It really doesn’t matter what condition the outside is in, because that can be sanded and refinished.  It’s the INSIDE that you need to carefully inspect before you buy.  For some reason bottles of  ‘red nail polish’ with loose and leaking lids seem to get stored in jewelry boxes all too often!

6.1.13 laundry sign WONG 036A quick sanding to prep, a couple of coats of paint and a little more sanding; and you’ve got a whole NEW look!

6.1.13 laundry sign WONG 037The mirror in this particular box ‘appeared’ to be in good condition, so I just ‘painted around it’.  But after sanding, when I tried to clean the mirror it just would not come clean!  Luckily it popped out easily.  And I had some scraps of coordinating paper to glue over the spot where the mirror was.  (two big divots in the wood prevented me from just painting over the area).

6.1.13 laundry sign WONG 040The best way I’ve found to clean up the little bits of lint that gather is the corners on the insides, it to use some tape like a lint roller.

6.1.13 laundry sign WONG 039The inside is done, on to the finishing touches for the outside.

6.4.13 projects CURIOUS Stars 001One of my new PARIS stencils was just the right size to fit on the lid!



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  1. Super cute!

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