Again?!?! Already???

Yep.  Sigh.  I re-did my booth at Curiosities for the second time in a week!  It didn’t really NEED to be worked on again so soon.  BUT, I had to make a trip to Stars because a table sold FIVE MINUTES after I left on Tuesday; and they are having a big Birthday Sale this weekend so I needed my space to be ‘perfect’.  And if I HAVE to make the trip to Stars, I may as well stop by Curiosities since it’s ‘on the way’.

6.7.13 projects both malls 022Most of the time, as I’m driving home from either mall, I’m planning out my ‘next trip’.  What I want to take in, what I want to move around etc.  So I just went ahead and did it all a little early.

6.7.13 projects both malls 046I really wanted to ‘separate’ the primitive stuff from the cottage stuff.  So, I created another ‘wall of crates’ inside the booth that backs up to the original wall of crates that faces OUTward towards the aisle.

6.7.13 projects both malls 056So now I have the outward facing crates full of cottagey stuff, and the inward facing one with primitives.

6.7.13 projects both malls 040It’s hard to get a picture of the wall of primitives because I can’t get back far enough.  After I see how things sell arranged like this, I’ll switch things up a bit to see what works BEST.  This set up, with the back to back ‘walls of crates’ will be sure easy to just flip flop the product.

6.7.13 projects both malls 062Thses two chairs are ‘sort of’ blocking the inner wall of crates full of primitives.  But I figure they are easy enough to just ‘scoot aside’ to reach things.  Gotta maximize the use of the space as MUCH as possible!

6.7.13 projects both malls 051It seems like I always get a GLARE when I photograph this wall!  sigh.  I originally had a bunch of small signs on this wall, but it just felt ‘too cluttered’.  Switched them out for more of my bigger signs . . . 

6.7.13 projects both malls 047And took in this old ‘stair step’ display box to put the smaller signs in.

6.7.13 projects both malls 048And I still have quite a few bigger signs that won’t fit on the walls; so they are standing in a big old vintage brass planter!

6.7.13 projects both malls 052AND (but you can just BARELY see them in this picture!) under the white step rack is another old crate full of the really small signs.  I am ‘not at ALL happy’ with this corner of my booth; but it’s a work in progress.  I want to find more ‘creative containers’ to put batches of signs in; then scatter those throughout the booth.  Until such time though, it’s just easier to have them all in one place!

6.7.13 projects both malls 023This is what took the place of the crates that were on the left side of the entry.   This is a spot that I will change out frequently since it’s the most noticeable when just ‘walking by’.  I’m debating taking another tall shutter in and creating a small walled off space here with more room to hang signs???  

6.7.13 projects both malls 059I moved my ‘greeter’ ( the mannequin!) closer to the front corner of the booth, and stood her up a bit higher.  Found a FABULOUS bright RED tutu for her today!  oooo! la~LA!

6.7.13 projects both malls 042Brought in the washing machine cupboard that had previously been in my space at Stars.  (can’t get back far enough to take a good picture if it!  Laundry room signs seem to be VERY popular, so whay not a vintage laundry machine looking storage shelf?!?

6.7.13 projects both malls 025Not the best picture, but this is my ‘kitty collection’ (well actually there is a bunny and a pig too!)

6.7.13 projects both malls 062That ought to do for a while!  

I need to get OUTSIDE while we have this dry weather and get some furniture painting projects finished up!



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  1. Love you space! You are an inspiration to me to get things done! Keep blogging……..

  2. Wish I could come shop your booth!

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