Pictures of my booth st Stars

FINALLY, I can take a picture of the entire inside of my booth and show the WHOLE space!

6.10.13 signs Michael Stars 064I’m glad I decided to ‘close off’ that entire left side instead of leaving a secondary entry/exit.  Before it felt like your eyes went straight to the opening and what was beyond.  Now, it invites you to come in and stay a while and look around.  ahhhhhhhh. .

6.10.13 signs Michael Stars 067Keeping the items on either side of the booth entry ‘below eye level’ really opens up the space.

6.10.13 signs Michael Stars 066AND these items are easy to ‘change up’ so the space always looks refreshed.

6.10.13 signs Michael Stars 068

From the outside corner (on the left) the items kind of ‘stair step’ down, which further draws your eyes INTO the space.

6.10.13 signs Michael Stars 092I think the next ‘move’ is going to be to move the dresser to the left side wall, facing OUT.  Put lower items in it’s place to create more visible wall space to hang signs.

DON’T FORGET THE BIG FLEA MARKET AT  CURIOSITIES  THIS SATURDAY FROM 10AM – 3PM!!    Michael will have a space (ALL his own!  No help from me per his request!) with lots of unfinished shelves and garden tables etc.  Pictures tomorrow!

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  1. I love it! It really looks like it draws you right in! If I am ever up your way, I am definitely stopping in.

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