Updated planter bod

6.16.13 BOTH + projects 089I’m TRYING to come up with some ‘creative ways’ to display my excess of signs in my booths; the ones I don’t have wall sapce for.  Thusfar I’ve been just leaning them against something else on the floor.  NOT at all an attractive display tactic.  So I’ve been on the hunt for some unique ‘containers’ to put the signs in, that I can set atop something else to bring them close to eye level where shoppers will be inclined to ‘flip through them’.  This planter box caught my eye as something that just might work!

6.16.13 BOTH + projects 127Can you see the adorable little ‘bun feet’!?!  Oh how I love stuff with bun feet!!!  Anyhooooooooooooo . . I painted to box my beachy blue color, then antiqued it with my Ralph Lauren tobacco glaze.  It was kind of an ‘alligator’ skin looking surface adn I wanted to accentuate all those cracks.  But I guess my glaze has been sitting unused for too long and it FRIED almost instantly and I could barely wipe any of it off!  SO bummed!

6.16.13 BOTH + projects 126It just looks DIRTY and streaked!  I really was tempted to repaint it.

6.16.13 BOTH + projects 128I thinned my glaze with some water before applying it to the other side of the planter.  It wiped away somewhat better, but didn’t ‘stick’ in the cracks like I wanted it to.  After walking away from it for a while and taking a fresh look at it, I decided to NOT repaint it.  With the way the edges flare out, you really don’t notice the sides that much.

6.16.13 BOTH + projects 129But I did add a pair of fleurs on both sides to draw the eye away from the flaws.  

Taking this to Curiosities to use for holding signs for now; so it’s not for sale.



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  1. I think your paint job is lovely.

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