Got a little more furniture painted

6..18.13 projects Curiosities 018Found this simple little table from the thrift store.  It’s pretty ‘basic’ (boring?!?) but sometimes the SIMPLER things are, the better they sell.

6..22.13 Both + projects 002I gave it a very basic and simple make-over too.

6..22.13 Both + projects 003

A quick sanding to take the sheen off the existing surface and a couple of coats of my beachy blue paint color.   NO distressing this time.

6..22.13 Both + projects 001A sweet white rose shaped porcelain knob and a coat of varnish on the top.  Done!

6..22.13 Both + projects 051This sweet thAng can be purchased in my booth at Stars for $34.00.

4.19 .13 projcest Curiousities 051I don’t have a very good BEFORE picture of this table.  It was originally a dark stained wood.  I painted it black and distressed to show some of the grain.  Usually this is a quite popular finish, but as you can see it got a little scratched up.  And since I had to bring it home anyhow to remedy the scratches, I decided to give it a complete make over.

6..22.13 Both + projects 009Used my beachy blue paint again, but this time did some (ALOT!) of distressing.

6..22.13 Both + projects 005The unique design on the legs  is really enhanced with the distressing.

6..22.13 Both + projects 004I distressed the top quite heavily too.   And as always, a coat of varnish on the top as the finishing touch.

6..22.13 Both + projects 008This one is still awaiting it’s marching orders.  will just depend upon which mall has room for it first I suppose.

4.12.13 signs CURIOSITIES stencils 028And here’s my next victim  er, PROJECT  Plucked this from my booth at CURIOSITIES yesterday since it hadn’t sold yet.  This was ‘one of those finds’ that I was elated over.  Was CERTAIN it would sell in an instant.  Alas, I was wrong; so it will be getting   a shabby make-over; and maybe a big FAT pillow on the seat!

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  1. Beautiful little table and that pull knob is perfection 🙂 If I lived closer, it would be sold.

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