Updated little cabinet

6.16.13 BOTH + projects 099This little cabinet from the thrift store is one of those things that was intentionally distressed, but then had cracked and peeled even MORE!  I had to sand it quite a bit to get past the shedding stuff.

6.16.13 BOTH + projects 100The inside was stained and in good shape, so I left it ‘as is’.

6.16.13 BOTH + projects 105Hand painted (NOT spray paint this time) the outside a darker turquoise then my current furniture shade of aqua.

6.16.13 BOTH + projects 120Distressed a bit with my orbital sander.  (I almost ALWAYS use my electric sander because my bad back makes hand sanding impossible.  But a smaller items like this could easily have been hand sanded to distress by a ‘normal person’.)

6.16.13 BOTH + projects 119All of the decorative stamps I have were too wide to fit on these doors; so I used a design from one of my sign stencils.

6.16.13 BOTH + projects 121Then stenciled PARIS on the top.

6.16.13 BOTH + projects 122Cute little cabinet to store some little collectibles.

This piece is for sale at Stars for $24.00

6.16.13 BOTH + projects 125A couple of distressed wood frames went to Stars too.

6..22.13 Both + projects 054This little jewelry box is $17.00 at Stars.

6..22.13 Both + projects 064

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  1. That’s a great price for the Paris cabinet. Love the stenciling on the front doors and the blue shade. Thanks for showing it,. You are an inspiration!!

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