The big old oak chair make-over

Well, you know the old saying . . .  ‘If at first you don’t succeed, try, TRY again!’

4.12.13 signs CURIOSITIES stencils 028This awesome big bulky old oak chair that I was SOOOOOOOOOO certain would sell instantly; didn’t.  Took it home last week for a makeover.

6..25.13 projects big chair 001I was tempted to leave it undistressed; but to do so would have required yet another coat of paint and I was too tired to give it another coat and I only had ONE sunny day to ‘git-er-done’.

6..25.13 projects big chair 005

 So I grabbed the orbital sander and started sanding.

6..25.13 projects big chair 003



6..25.13 projects big chair 004



6..25.13 projects big chair 006

 Took a break to fix dinner and eat, then decided it ‘needed something decorative’ along the head rest part.

6..25.13 projects big chair 009After trying nearly every stencil and stamp that I have; and all of them being either too big or too small, I ended up with the ‘live  laugh  love’ stencil for the simple fact that it was the ONLY one that fit the space!

6..25.13 projects big chair 010It’s weird because USUALLY stuff looks LESS distressed in pictures than it does in person.  But it’s the opposite on this chair, and it looks far GRUBBIER in the photos than it does in person.  Go figure?!? 

6..25.13 projects big chair 008For now, it’s sitting in the back of my car,  will see if there is room for it in either mall space tomorrow.  If not, it will go to storage until there IS room because I already filled the spot where it was.

6..25.13 projects big chair 049Snapped up this grubby ole thang on my thrifting rounds yesterday.

6..25.13 projects big chair 050It is most definitely MORE beat up looking in person that it looks in the pictures.  But that’s why I got such a great price on it.   A half hour or so of quality time with my orbital sander and this baby will be stripped of all her old scars and ready for fresh paint and a new lease on life!

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  1. Absolutely love that chair – much better than the original, well done.

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