Small painting projects

6..22.13 Both + projects 035This BIG white spoon was upcycled from one of those ‘tiki style carved spoons’ .  I covered the carvings with spackle then sanded after it dried.  I think the NEXT time I do one I’ll try some FIMO clay to cover the carvings, as the spackle was difficult to work with on this particular surface.  Hand to gradually build it up, layer by layer.

6..18.13 projects Curiosities 020


Thrifted little foot stool.  Gave the top a good sanding and sanded what I could of the legs with my orbital sander.

6..25.13 projects big chair 027Painted ‘my blue’ and stenciled on “Paris”.

6..25.13 projects big chair 028Then varnished the top.  

6..18.13 projects Curiosities 022


Thrifted wood bread box; again prepped by sanding as much area as possible with my orbital sander before painting.

6..25.13 projects big chair 032

A couple of coats of paint, then the same Paris stencil on top.

6..25.13 projects big chair 033A quick coat of varnish on the top only.

6..25.13 projects big chair 035I painted the inside of the LID, but left the rest of the inside (the same dark blue as the original outside) as was because it was in such good shape.

6..18.13 projects Curiosities 030


Thrifted wood tray.

6..25.13 projects big chair 031Same process!  I tend to ‘save up’ my small projects and do several of them at once.  Saves a lot of time in the long run.

6..18.13 projects Curiosities 037


Vintage wood bowl that I added other wood components to in order to create a pedestal bowl.  I used a small wood ‘candle cup’ as the stem and a wood plaque from the craft store as the base.

6..25.13 projects big chair 026

Simply painted and varnished this one.  No ‘decorative elements’  really needed because what the bowl gets FILLED with will give it enough ‘oomph’.

6..25.13 projects big chair 023No before picture of this one.  Bought a bunch of these vintage repro clothing racks ‘back when’ we had our shop.  The wire hangers come separate, so  it was easy to just sand off the old finish and repaint.  Then I used three different stencils, and put the racks on.

I have several MORE of these to re-do.  Should I work on a DIFFERENT something for the wording???  I’m not too keen on the three different fonts; but it’s all I could come up with at the time!

5.27.13 CURIOSITY  baskets 018


Little wood box with hinged lid.  This picture was taken AFTER I had sanded off most of the painted on design.    You don’t really need to sand off ALL of the existing design before repainting.  Just enough so that the RAISED part of it won’t show.6..25.13 projects big chair 025


On this one, I base-coated it, inside and out, with black first.  (just in case I wanted to distress it; didn’t want RED showing through).  Left the inside black, and added a pretty piece of paper in the bottom of the box.

6..25.13 projects big chair 024And FINALLY broke out a different PARIS stencil!  (actually the other one didn’t FIT this lid!)

5.27.13 CURIOSITY  baskets 015Another box; this one with a NOT hinged lid.  The stars were glued on tin; which I pried off with a paint scraper.

5.27.13 CURIOSITY  baskets 017LOTS of sanding required on this one.  ( I usually don’t buy stuff made of press board.  But this was SUPER cheap!)

DOH!!!  I guess I forgot the ‘after’ picture of this one.  I don’t even REMEMBER what I did to it!!!  sigh

Well it’s SUPPOSED to be cooler today!  Hallelujah!  I was about ready to MELT in the heat these past few days.  And poor Michael has to WORK out in that heat all day!!  I would literally DIE if I had to work outside in that heat!  Hoping to get out and work on some furniture today.  Need to ’empty out’ my furniture storage shed to make room for NEW stuff.  Big rummage sale out in Buxton this weekend!

These items will be divided amongst Stars and Curiosities next week.



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