My “New blue” and an updated dresser

As you probably already know, I mix my own ‘beachy blue’ paint color.  I started with a standard Ralph Lauren turquoise back when we first switched our shop over to Sophie’s Cottage.

It was a pretty BRIGHT shade.  About half way through that can of paint I decided to tone it down a bit and added some white.  Then a while later I wanted it to be more AQUA than turquoise, so I added some green.  And the color just sort of evolved into a variety of shades.

7.4.13 CUR + projects dresser 034Most recently, my color had become a very bright aqua; which I LOVED for a while.  But I was ready for a change.  Usually I have a little bit of my current color to start with and add to that.  This time I completely ran out of the aqua and had to mix from scratch.  I’ve been wanting to go with a more muted shade for quite some time.  In the sample above, the old is on the right and the new on the left.  

7.4.13 CUR + projects dresser 055Here are some frames painted with the two different colors.

6..25.13 projects big chair 049

I decided that this dresser would be my first project with the new color.

7.4.13 CUR + projects dresser 099

It took a considerable amount of sanding to get most of the old blue paint off.  Then I primed it with KILZ; then 2 coats of my ‘new blue’; and sanded it to distress.   It really doesn’t look all THAT different from the old color now!  (but we’ll see when I have something painted with the old blue to set beside it!)

7.4.13 CUR + projects dresser 100

 I used some really BIG finials for the two knobs on the top two small drawers.

7.4.13 CUR + projects dresser 104

Michael thinks the big knobs are a bit gaudy; but I LOVE the sparkle!

7.4.13 CUR + projects dresser 102


7.4.13 CUR + projects dresser 101


7.4.13 CUR + projects dresser 105

This dresser is on storage for now; until room for it opens up at one of my mall spaces.

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