Another display shelf for Curiosities

Yippee!!!  I finally got rid of all the crates being used as shelves INSIDE by booth at Curiosities!  It really defines AND refines the space!

P1070362It’s impossible to get any further away to take a better photo of this inside wall.  The ‘just added’ shelf is the one on the right.  It was previously a display piece at Stars, and was painted grey.  A quick re-paint and it was ready to go.  I know it looks a ‘little off’ with the individual shelves not being the same distance apart, and being different heights.  It didn’t even occur to me to ‘make them match each other’!  But I also didn’t really PLAN to use them ‘side by side’.  As you know, I change up my booth arrangements quite often.  this’ll so for now.

P1070363I added lots more white Ironstone pieces, pitchers and creamers . . .

P1070369A new friend for the upcycled owl.

P1070378Lots more room ‘in general’ for displaying ‘smalls’ with the 2 newly added shelves.

P1070372A new BIG Eiffel Tower bottle to go with the smaller one I already had.

P1070375Room for these framed pieces on the shelves.

P1070373Starting to add little items under the cloches.

P1070365Arranged several similar black finials and 2 of the three wire cloches that I have in stock on TOP of the taller shelf.

P1070376I packaged up several of the repro skeleton keys that I use to embellish things with.  Travis said shoppers kept asking if they could  ‘take the key off’ to buy just the key.  “here’s your sign!”  LISTEN to your customers!  Many of my BEST ideas have evolved from customer requests!

P1070374Some smallish magnetic memo boards WITH magnets!

P1070384How FUN is this polka-dotted pitcher?!?!?  It really doesn’t ‘go with’ anything else I have in my booth, but I just loved it!  Hopefully someone else will fall in love with it!  Wouldn’t it be sweet filled with yellow daisies?

P1070351Brought in this smallish galvanized bucket.  Everyone loves buckets!  Especially ole beat up ones!

P1070361I rearranged the display at the BACK of the booth a bit.

P1070359That area is really the first thing shoppers notice once they walk past the entrance.  I hand’t realized that it looked ‘a little sloppy’ before, until I looked at my last batch of pictures!

P1070380Cream and white ceramic flower pots.

The new vintage clothing room at Curiosities will be opening soon!  I got to sneak a peek at the decorating progress yesterday and it is going to be FABULOUS!!!   It’s not just ‘old clothes on hangers’!  They are artfully and creatively displayed.  It will remind you of playing dress up in mom’s closet when you were a kid!  I’ll announce the date of the grand opening as soon as I know it!


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  1. I find your spaces very inspiring. Both for home decorating and for something I might want to do later in my life. I am curious and I know it really isn’t any of my business, but are you making money at it now, or still building a business? I know the rental on your spaces is spendy, but there are so many benefits to having a space rather than an actual shop. Mostly, how much fun are you having? It looks like you really enjoy “curating” your shop. Do you spend a lot of time promoting it? There is so much I hope you will share. Do you read about decorating? What does your home look like? Are there areas you consider branching into? I enjoy your blog. I keep it on Feedly.

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