It’s a matter of DEGREE and HOW you ask!

Firstly I want to thank all of you for your comments and your understanding and encouragement.  It is MOST appreciated.    I’ll admit that I did delete a few comments that ‘poo-poo’d’ me for my reaction.  It’s MY blog and I don’t have to post what I don’t like.  Which is NOT to say that I will ONLY post comments that support me.  I’m all for voicing differing opinions, but when the attack gets personal I do not have to let them use MY blog as their platform.

To those of you whose comments I deleted, I did so because I don’t want this to turn into a battle.  The understanding comments FAR outweigh the non-supportive ones anyhow.  And those non-supportive comments obviously came from people who have not read my blog for very long.  I am EXTREMELY generous in sharing my talents, tricks and ‘gift’.  THAT is why it’s so bothersome to me when someone so blatantly asks for MORE; as if I don’t already give enough?!?!  .  I just don’t like that “GIMME!  GIMMEE MORE!!!” sense of entitlement.

And I did not publicly shame anyone.  I SAVED her from public shame by deleting her comment with her name on it.  I posted her comment completely anonymously.  She chose to respond and put her name to the comment.

Maybe answering those few questions COULD have been done in a few minutes.

QUESTION: I am curious and I know it really isn’t any of my business, but are you making money at it now, or still building a business?

ANSWER: No and No.

QUESTION: :  Mostly, how much fun are you having?


QUESTION:  It looks like you really enjoy “curating” your shop. Do you spend a lot of time promoting it?


QUESTION:  There is so much I hope you will share. Do you read about decorating?


QUESTION: What does your home look like?

ANSWER:  shabby junky chic

QUESTION:  Are there areas you consider branching into?


Do you HONESTLY think that that would have been the end of it??  The comment that was the RED FLAG to me was “there is so much I hope you will share”.  She’d be asking why or why NOT and for MORE details regarding ALL of my answers.  I’m sorry if it sounds snooty or unfriendly or stingy . . but  I do not have time to share ‘one on one’ like that just to satisfy one persons curiosity.  Besides, if she REALLY read my blog, she’d already have the answers to most of those questions.

I don’t talk about my permanent disability very much, but the fact of the matter is that with only 50% of my spine being functional, it takes me twice as long to get half as much done. (that’s 4x harder than a ‘normal’ person)   That isn’t a complaint.  It’s simply the reality that I live with every day, and it does limit  how much I can do for myself and for others.

Please don’t feel the need to comment further on this.  I just wanted to respond to the couple of ‘haters’ that commented/

 As for the question one of them asked, “WHY would I be upset that someone asked me for advice on decorating their bathroom?” If you didn’t read the original post and don’t know the WHOLE story, you have no business commenting on it.

Like I said, I get ‘odd comments / requests’ similar to that ALL the time.  Every so often my patience with such lack of common courtesy boils over and I need to vent.  I understand that YOUR (all my readers) perspective is limited to just the ones I share, so I completely understand your encouraging me to take it as a compliment and let the rest go.   I’m working on doing just that.  And maybe I SHOULDN’T share these things publicly on my blog.  But sometimes I really DO need the perspective of others to help me keep MY perspective.

If I gave my personal time to EVERYONE who writes and asks for it, I’d no longer have time to write my blog!

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  1. Just wanted to say I love reading your blog, I find it very inspirational. You were gracious to even think about answering ANY of that writers questions.

    Please keep posting – I really do appreciate you for being kind enough to share your thoughts with us.

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