What a difference a little bit of paint makes! Quickie update an outdated item.

P1070462Gold bust I recently found at a thrift store.  Dusty.  Grimey.  Cracked and peeling shiny gold paint. . .

P1070465Peeling off the green felt glued to the bottom revealed this ‘ickyness’.

P1070463But look at that sweet expression on her face?!?!  I just KNEW she was worth rescuing!

P1070466First I applied a coat of brush on acrylic craft paint to the bottom to seal it.  It’s made of plaster which can really SOAK up the paint.  The rest was already well sealed with the gold paint.

P1070472Then I painted her with white satin spray paint.  I even got a bit of ‘crazing’ on here left shoulder, as you can see in the picture.  Really adds to the vintage charm.

P1070473I think I’m going to have to KEEP this sweet thing!  She’ll look perfect displayed with my Santos and other statues.

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  1. Is this a bookend? Looks like it could be flat on the back. Whatever it is – it’s a beautiful piece! With this angelic face, it looks like it should have wings…
    Aren’t thrift store treasures the best?! I’m always amazed at what people get rid of, that could be so beautiful with a little work.
    Love your upcycled items, your blog & your imagination turning discarded things into something beautiful. 🙂

    • I thought about adding wings! And maybe even a crown. I’ll leave her ‘as is’ for now, then maybe ‘fix her up’ more later.

  2. He’s lovely. Yes, I’m surprised he doesn’t have wings. A crown would be adorable!

  3. What a beautiful angel..and a great idea to repaint her. ..Makes me want to go out and find an angel for my own……Thanks for showing it….Sharon

  4. Could you please show how you displayed her?

    Sincerely, Michelle Martínez

    • Hi Michelle,

      I haven’t actually ‘displayed’ her yet. I LOVE how she looks totally white, BUT it looks too STARK white when displayed amongst the rest of my little angel/Santos collection. sigh. Might have to put her in the white bedroom. Just sort of waiting for inspiration to HIT me at the moment.

      I’ll TRY to remember to post a pic of where she ends up; but feel free to REMIND me. That’s the kind of thing I can easily forget to do once I move on to other projects!


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