Patience 2

Now that I have a booth at Curiosities in Beaverton, to which I can travel TV Hwy to get to (as opposed to going Hwy 26 to get to Stars) I have more opportunities to stop by the Goodwill Outlet store on TV Hwy.

And THAT place takes a LOT of patience.  I actually used to refuse to go there by myself.  Would only go if Michael could go with me.  The way the throngs of people converge like locusts when they wheeled out a new bin table full of stuff, really FREAKS ME OUT!!

But after a few phenomenal finds, I worked up the courage to go there on my own,    (you can read about some of those previous finds HERE).  The trick to finding the ‘good stuff’ at this place is to stop by often and head directly to the furniture section at the back.    Here’s what I found on my last trip:

P1070445The color is what first caught my eye.  Then the price tag captured my bargain living heart!

P1070446And this sweet and STURDY (gotta check to be sure they aren’t all wobbly – MOST of the time they ARE!) child size rocking chair had the SAME $1.00 price tag as the stool!!  BAM!  In my cart and straight to the check out and back on the road in about five minutes!!

When the furniture area at the outlet store begins to get too crowded, they start marking things down.  And they KEEP marking them down until they reach $1.00.  It’s a bit of a ‘hit or miss’ process of finding the best time to find the $1.00 furniture pieces.  This is where your PATIENCE comes in.  You just have to stop by often for a quick look.  Your efforts WILL be handsomely rewarded eventually!


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