More paper wreaths and making do

This is what I’ve used in the past to make my wreaths with leaves cut from old book pages and/or sheet music.  Used to be able to get the green foam wreath forms at dollar stores.  NOT any more though.  And I REFUSE to pay ‘craft store prices’ for styrofoam products!  So I always keep an eye out for them at thrift stores, rummage and garage sales.  But even there, it’s been pretty slim pickins!

7.4.13 CUR + projects dresser 017I scored a few of them recently and made a new batch of wreaths using ‘tea stained’ vintage sheet music leaves.

7.4.13 CUR + projects dresser 002Just prior to this I had been working on some sea glass wreaths, for which I need FLAT wreath forms.  For those I cut out two circles from cardboard and glue them together, then cover them with paper; kind of decopage style.  Once dry, all the layers make it sturdy enough to hold up to the weight of the sea glass.  I had a few extras of those flat wreath forms and decided to try the paper leaves on those!  Above is the resulting wreath.

7.4.13 CUR + projects dresser 003

And I actually quite LIKED how it turned out UNTIL I saw them side by side.  And the flat one just looked TOO flat.  But it’s funny because in this photo, I like the flat one (on the left) better!

7.4.13 CUR + projects dresser 005From this angle though, the one on the rounded wreath form looks better.  BUT since they are becoming so hard to find . …

7.4.13 CUR + projects dresser 016I guess I’ll be doing the flatter version more often.  As long as I don’t have the two versions side by side for comparison, the ‘make-do’ flat wreath forms will work just fine.

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  1. I think the flat one is lovely and it would be great for people that hang it on an outside door that has a glass door in front of it (like me). There isn’t enough room for a wreath on my wooden door & still be able to close my glass door. This would be the perfect solution! Do you have the tutorial for the leaves somewhere on your blog? I think I will have to make one for fall! 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment Cheryl! I’ll use that as a ‘selling point’ for the flat ones. No tutorial for the leaves really. Just ‘free hand’ cut them from old book pages or sheet music, so each is a slightly different size; then ‘tea stained’ them. I do SELL a ‘HOW TO TEA STAIN” e-book in my etsy shop. (btw, I do NOT use real TEA or coffee or vanilla or molasses or any other STICKY kitchen product for my ‘tea stain’) It’s a great stain recipe for use on paper and fabric and is very economical to make. Includes tips for making the stain to SELL if you have your own shop or do shows or markets.

  2. I like to make the book page wreaths too, as well as coffee filter wreaths. Instead of the foam wreath forms, you can buy the foam insulation for pipes at the home improvement store and cut to length to however big you want your wreath to be and duct tape the ends together.

    • Thanks for the reminder Patti! I have seen that idea on Pinterest. Have you actually tried it?? I was thinking that I read that they had a tendency to bend at the part where you join the two ends???

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