All in a days work!

P1070537Here’s your sign!

P1070535This is one days worth of finished signs.

P1070536But don’t be TOO impressed!  I make my signs in ‘assembly line’ style.  So I sand, base-coat, paint and distress a bunch of boards all at once.  (usually when I’m in a ‘not so creative’ mood and just feel like doing ‘busy work’.  It’s very therapeutic!)  Then when I feel like cranking out the signs, all I have to do is letter them and varnish them.  THAT is the part that I got done in one day.

Will take another day for me to put hangers on them all and take pictures and measurements for etsy; and price the ones to take to the malls.

But STILL, it feels pretty good to have them all stacked up like that and when Michael asks me what I did, I can say, “here’s your sign!”  hehe


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  1. What do you use for lettering? They are great! I love signs.

    • I use stencils to make my signs.


      • they are really cool!

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