My computer ATE my pictures?!?!? ( and a loooooooooooooooooong 10th anniversary story!)

Seriously THE BEST weekend of my life and my computer ate my pictures!!  I’ve been looking for DAYS and can’t find them.  sigh.  Since my most recent computer issues I’ve had to load and save my pictures in a slightly different manner.  No problem.  A little more ‘manual work’; but really totally fine.

For some reason, someHOW, this last time the pictures automatically went to a ‘new folder’ AND deleted from my camera without me doing anything?!?!?  And I cannot find that folder for the life of me.  Sooooooooooooo, I’m ‘borrowing’ pictures from my friend Terry, one of the ‘co-conspirators’ in my big surprise 10th anniversary weekend with Michael.

I’m pretty simple and VERY low maintenance when it comes to my relationship with Michael.  Not really even very ‘into’ Valentines day gifts and fluff like that.  (nothing wrong with liking that stuff, it’s just not MY style; or Michael’s)  SO much so that he can lean towards taking me and all the stuff I do for him a bit for granted.  So I gave him plenty of warning, and told him the first of this year that I expected him to do ‘something memorable’ for our tenth anniversary; which was the 16th of august.

All I was initially told was that we would be ‘going away for the weekend’.  Then my son’s girlfriend accidentally slipped and mentioned ‘the trip to Seattle’, so I then I knew where we were going.  And since I KNEW  where we were headed, I HEAVILY hinted to Michael that one of my very best friends since high school ‘lives on the way to Seattle’ and how much I’d love to stop for a quick visit on the way there or back and hopefully get to meet her new first grand child.

So we pack and hit the road Friday morning.  Stop in Centrailia and Chehalis for lunch and a little thrifting; then continue North.  It’s been far too many years since I visited this friend in her home AND she’s moved since my last visit, so I’m reading the AAA ‘triptic’ directions to her house to Michael.  She had said to leave Chehalis by 2 and that would get us to her house about 3, and we got there just minutes after 3.  Of course I am very excited to see my friend of over 40 years, Terry.

But it’s weird because there is a car in their driveway with Oregon plates.  Who ELSE do they know from Oregon that is visiting this weekend I kinda wondered???  But really I was just anxious to see her so I knocked on the door.  A moment later the door opens and there stands my OTHER best friend since high school, Beth?!?!  ( who lives in California!)

Terry was standing behind Beth and I just stood there with my mouth hanging open.  Astounded.  And literally too excited to even speak!  Did I know Beth was going to be here?  Turning to Michael I said, “did YOU know Beth was going to be here?!?”  I am totally confused and overjoyed and just started hugging everyone!

Apparently, Michael is a much better schemer and LIAR that I ever realized over the last ten years?!?  He had really only met both Beth and Terry once, two summers ago when they both came to Portland and we all got together for dinner.  (Beth’s husband’s brother and wife had recently moved to Portland)

So of course the FIRST story to be told was “how did you guys pull THIS off!!”  And I didn’t have a CLUE!  How lucky am I to have people like this who love me this much?!?!

So the girls sat around and chatted in the kitchen and the guys hung out and talked in the living room.  Another HUGE surprise was Beth’s announcement that she had retired from being a teacher!  Michael is the only one still working a full-time job in our little group of friends.  Hearing what others are paying for healthcare insurance while awaiting for Medicare to kick in was incentive enough to keep him working!

Terry made us a fabulous dinner and dessert!  And we laughed and talked until it was time to leave for our hotel.  At that point I STILL thought that we were headed to Seattle the next day.  Then Michael asked “what time tomorrow?”  And was told 10.  And I was left in the dark again as to what was going on!  “So I guess this means we’re not actually going to Seattle tomorrow?” I asked.  He told me I’d have to wait and see!

We got a pretty good nights sleep and headed back to Terry’s at 10 on Saturday and were just all hanging out and chatting when Sam (Terry’s husband) says “You girls better get going!”  The guys were headed to a car show, and I had no idea what the girls had planned for us!

First on the agenda was mani/pedis for all three of us.  Michael had given Terry an envelope full of money to pay for everything.  Now I have NEVER had a mani/pedi.  I don’t have any fingernails to manicure!  My nails usually get sanded down on the belt sander when I am sanding sign boards!   So, I was bit (a LOT!) resistant to the mani/pedi idea; but what the heck!  Anything is fun when you are with you two best friends.

1175667_10200480825086365_1846259394_nIs that a grimace or a smile on my face!?? Oh dear.

After that we went off to another destination unbeknownst to me with Terry manning the Garmon and giving me directions.  When we reached our destination it was a residential area.  The home of Silas Wong!  Terry’s first Grandchild!

999424_10200480826206393_76042648_nWhat a little trooper he was with so many people fawning over him all at once!    And taking lost of pictures!  It was SO wonderful to see him in person and HOLD him after watching him grow on Facebook!

1000926_10200480824926361_361970113_nHe kept everyone well entertained for quite some time.  I remember when his daddy (behind him) was this little and I met HIM for the first time all those years ago!


THIS was the real ‘highlight’ of the weekend.  Can’t wait till all three of us have grandbabes to show off!  Fun fact:  None of us three has daughters.  all boys!

548631_10200480828806458_153495899_nNext, Terry and the Garmon guided us to the Proctor retail area.  We perused the Farmers market.  Talked about old times.  Asked a passerby to take our picture and discussed where to go for lunch!  Had a fab lunch at a little Italian restaurant and reminisced some more!

Hit some of the shops for a bit of shopping therapy, and checked in with the guys to see what time they wanted us to head home, before we regrouped to go out to dinner.  The guys never did go home and we decided that since we were already pretty close to the restaurant that it didn’t make sense to drive home only to turn around and head back for dinner.  Se we found a Starbucks and rested a bit before going to meet the guys for dinner at Harbor Lights.

999717_10200480830726506_386679037_nHad a fabulous dinner then headed back to Terry and Sam’s place to finish off the night.  It was very hard to say our goodbyes.  And we all promised to not wait so long to get together again!


I’d say Michael NAILED my ‘something memorable’ request for  our tenth anniversary, eh?!?

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  1. What a sweetheart!!! He obviously loves you very much. What a wonderful surprise! 🙂

  2. love is a wonderful thing, try to never take it for granted.

  3. Congrats on the anniversary and awesome weekend!!! Glad your back (I get nervous when there is a break in your posts) 🙂

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