Mixing and matching and getting the most out of my sign stencils

P1080011I took this cottage stencil . . .

P1070608Added the ‘guest’ part of this guest room stencil . . .

P1080014To create these ‘Guest Cottage’ signs.

P1080019Then I used up a bunch of my painted wood scraps and made these little ‘Guest’ signs.

P1080022And then I used up some MORE of my small painted wood scraps to make these smaller ‘Guest Room’ signs.

Five different signs from just two stencils.  Feeling pretty thrifty about that!

ALL these signs are available for purchase in my etsy shop.




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  1. http://artsywanderer.wordpress.com/2013/08/26/versatile-blogger/
    I nominated you!

  2. hi, my name is perri and i love your stuff. recently a friend of mine lost her husband to a heart attack. he was 53 years old.Joy is a very sweet, feminine woman. she asked me to redo her bedroom to make it soft and shabby….she wants it to be a haven. she told me that jeff’s favorite motto was ” enjoy the journey” and she wants a sign that says that over her bed. i love your signs! how much would it cost to make a sign like that for me to give her? i know dimensions would play a factor. looking forward to hearing from you. perri

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