Outdated / Updated little 2 drawer night stand. And don’t forget the STARS BIG SALE Saturday – Monday!!

P1070974A sturdy little 2 drawer night stand, but a bit ‘basic’ (BORING! in my best JoAnne Worley voice!)

P1070977Clean drawer innards?  Check!  ***(Icky drawer innards are a ‘deal breaker’ for me!)

P1070976No annoying stickers to remove? Check!  ***(While having to remove stickers is NOT a ‘deal breaker’ for me; NO stickers to deal with is a BONUS!)  SOLD!!!

P1080048Took this little guy home and gave it a good sanding.  

TO PREP furniture that has a shiny finish before repainting you can do one of two things:

* SAND off the old finish (I use an orbital sander)   Hand sanding is OKAY, just time consuming.

* PRIME with a brush on primer; like KILZ.  

Sanding is preferable if you are going to distress your painted piece.  You CAN still sand a primed then painted piece; just remember that the WHITE primer is going to shoe through BEFORE you get down to the wood.  Neither method is BETTER than the other; just different end results.

P1080049After sanding and wiping off the dust, I applied two coats of paint; using a small foam paint roller for as much of it as possible.

(Read about how ‘clean’ and store my paint rollers and brushes  HERE.)

After the paint is dry, it’s time to distress.  Again, I use my orbital sander for this.  (I really CAN’T do much hand sanding due to my bad back)  Then I varnish just the top, and add knobs and I’m done!  


I added some cute ceramic knobs with a chandelier design.  Available in my booth at Stars for $42.00.  (****OR if you go during the sale this weekend, you can get it for $10.00+ less!!)  25% off all regular priced items in my booth during the sale,

P1070813This open shelf night stand that I showed a few weeks ago is also now at Stars.  Regular price: $45.00.

P1080095LOTS of good stuff 25% off this Saturday – Monday only at Stars.



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