GIANT vintage metal fork and spoon

P1070993So all of a sudden these things are popular again?!?!  Go figure.  Found this pair on our recent anniversary trip to WA.  Nice simple style and METAL.  (I can usually only find the carved ‘totem pole’ style handled ones.)

P1070992THIS set had a very unique addition; taper candle holders on the handles!  You can see them on the spoon, in this and the previous picture.  (the original pics of these were in with the ones my computer ‘ate’ and I was too lazy to put the candle holder back on BOTH pieces.  They easily screw on/off with a nut on the back)

P1070995Here you can seer the hole where the candle holders screw in.  Easy enough to touch up the paint if I decide to leave the holders off.    But I can’t decide if I should do that or not???  When I first saw them, the FIRST thing I did was look to see if the candle holders were removable.  And If they had NOT been, I probably would not have bought them.  But that’s just me!  Maybe the candle holders are what will make others WANT to buy them?!?  I just don’t know???

P1070994Would love your input on the candle holder of NO candle holder conundrum!

Right now I ma just holding on the them.  What I REALLY want to use them for is HANDLES on a big pantry that Michael could build sometime in the future.  

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  1. Oh! Oversized hands on a pantry is such a BRILLIANT idea! It would make any kitchen magical. In fact, I’m going to keep an eye out for the big clunky wooden ones, see if I can’t give them a metallic finish to pretty up my kitchen cupboards.

  2. What an unusual find, I have never seen a metal fork & spoon that big much less with candle holders! I say leave ’em on. But on the other hand, they would look great on a pantry door too. Oh gosh I’m not helping…..go with what I first said 🙂

  3. I think if you are planning on selling them, I would paint the holes black (or whatever color you were going to use for the fork & spoon, if you were going to change the color) , in case someone doesn’t want them on and then either put them on with a note attached that they can be removed OR leave them in a bag attached to each piece, explaining what they are. Never hurts to do a little “over explaining” (at least in my experience). 🙂
    Just a little note…these were popular when I was young and like most things that have become popular again with all the “new kids”, they are not something that I would want in my decor…haha, since I’ve “been there…done that”,so to speak…. but it really is true – “everything old IS new again!” 🙂
    Funny that so many young people have never seen these before! I have not seen any for sale in a long time…I guess I will have to start looking for them (and see if I can sell them in my ebay store!)
    Good luck with yours! 🙂

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