Little night stand with the ‘wonky’ drawer: outdated / UPdated.

I’ll admit that I completely did not notice that the lower edge of the drawer was chipped when I put this night stand into my cart at the thrift store.  I looked INSIDE the drawer, to be sure it had clean innards!  But I totally overlooked the flaw right in front of my face.  sigh.

P1080340It’s a little hard to see, now that I’ve sanded it down a bit, and the bottom lip is a bit shaded; but there was a big chunk chipped off the lower left corner of the drawer.

P1080341The top had a cigarette burn (which you can still see a bit of) on the front ledge, and was pretty scratched up.  But those flaws are easily ‘sanded out’.  Unsure of HOW noticeable that chip would be once repainted, I proceeded with caution.

P1080411The top finished up perfectly.

P1080412The sides look great too.  But what about that darn drawer?!?!

P1080409This is the BEST picture I could get of the ‘flaw’; and I really don’t think it’s very noticeable at all!

P1080408  Your eye tends to follow that nice straight distressed line and completely overlook the crooked lower edge!  (Well, at least MY eye does!)

P1080410NOW I was debating whether or not to ‘add’ a decorative element to it.  A pretty drawer pull (even though it didn’t NEED one) or maybe one of those carved wood appliques?  I just wasn’t sure it NEEDED something more.  So I asked Michael.  While he and I have VERY differing tastes in styles, I value his input and opinion.  Sometimes I really need an outside perspective when I start to ‘over think’ things.

P1080426“What can’t you ever just leave things ‘plain and simple’?” he asked me.  MORE is always better in MY book, but he had a good point.  Maybe ‘plainer’ items that will ‘go with any decor’ would be a better idea.  So, I left it plain!  Then if it doesn’t sell, I can always bring it home and ‘dress it up’ a bit.  

P1080427I guess we’ll see what happens.  Of course with less time and add-ons, the price is lower.  This piece is priced at $29.00 in my booth at Stars in Portland.


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  1. If you look at the drawer it just has a nice corkie smile.Have a good day , I love reading your up dates/ redoes.Thank You,Tif 

  2. The chip on the drawer looks like part of the “distressing”. It turned out so cute. I have a dumb question though, with no pull, how do you open the drawer?

    • It opens from underneath, there is a small overhang that your fingers fit under.


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