Halloween goodies now in both Stars & Curiosities

I’ve now got my booths in both antique malls stocked with fun Halloween goods.

Here are the pictures from STARS:

P1080437Nevermore raven, grubby old medicine bottle, mini glitter skull under a cloche (cloche sold separately).



‘skeleton’ shades are great for Halloween decorating!


Big glitter skull on a stick with ‘spider eyes’



Small glitter skull on a stick with crown ornament.


 Little glitter witch hat and framed spider.


If the broom fits, ride it signs.

P1080531Skull with paper crown (sold separately).


 Feather crows with crowns.

P1080538Vintage grubby old critter cage with more crowned crows.

P1080533Mini glitter skull ornament; same size as the turquoise one.

P1080534Altered glittered owl.

P1080536Altered vintage perfume bottle,

P1080537Black owl with crown.

P1080539Assorted Halloween paper silhouettes; 2 to a pack for $1.00.






And the following pictures from my booth at CURIOSITIES in Beaverton:

P1080586Large skull on a stick.

P1080585Medium and small skulls on a stick.

P1080587Another large skull on a stick.

P1080588Little black shadow box shelf filled with Halloween stuff.


Glitter owl.

P1080590Glitter skull ornament.

P1080591Jarful of skeletons.


Prettied up pumpkins on pedestals.

P1080592Close up.

P1080594Jack-o-lantern face vintage crochet threads.

P1080613Lasercut tagboard candelabras with glittered candle tips.


This one is set up for display; others available packaged so they don’t get damaged from handling.

P1080615Shabby chic wood porch pumpkins.


Spider with a hat.

Happy Halloween decorating!





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