Another WEEK of dry weather?!?!?

That’s what the local meteorologists are saying.  Another week of dry days, albeit cooler, dry days.  I’ll take it!!

10.18.13 both malls prijects 029I got this little, tall skinny apothecary chest done.

10.18.13 both malls prijects 030I thought it needed a little more ‘oomph’ though, so I added some feet!

10.18.13 both malls prijects 035My signature aqua paint and sanded to distress.  Done!

10.18.13 both malls prijects 036Sometimes a little addition can make a BIG difference!  Adding feet to just about anything just makes it better!

10.18.13 both malls prijects 037At first I was going to make this into a wall hanging piece by turning it upside down and adding a hook to the little cubby part.  Then I remembered how little wall SPACE I have to actually display wall hanging items, and went with the feet.

10.18.13 both malls prijects 099It’s for sale in my booth at Stars for $19.00.

10.18.13 both malls prijects 100

****Funny little footnote:  Whilst I was working on my booth at Stars earlier this week, a customer strolled by and exclaimed, “WOW!  That’s a LOT of blue!”  Then when she saw me working in the booth, she quizzically added “Is it intentional?”  Her quizzical look turned to total disbelief when I answered, “Absolutely!”

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