The rest of the Christmas stuff in my booth at Stars

11.6.13 both + xmas 030Matte silver gourds, giant acorn and pine cone.  This is NOT how I originally envisioned that I’d be displaying these.  I just ran out of creative ‘oomph’ after decorating the tree!  Next trip in I want to set them up on the big hutch; interspersed with the white dishes.

11.6.13 both + xmas 045Vintage ceramic Father Christmas.

11.6.13 both + xmas 064Vintage music box.  LOVE the red and turquoise!

11.6.13 both + xmas 037Vintage molded plastic wall medallion.  The plastic is fairly thin and cracked and chipped in a few places, but it was just too pretty to pass up.  It was originally all gold.  I painted it white and antiqued it.  I don’t remember the EXACT price I put on it, but it is priced extra low because of the wear and tear.  Should still last for a couple of holiday seasons!

11.6.13 both + xmas 036Assorted small stuff on a white cubby shelf.  ($59.00 for the shelf)

11.6.13 both + xmas 043Blue glittered pumpkin on a pedestal.

11.6.13 both + xmas 054And a couple more.

11.6.13 both + xmas 056Vintage bell jar full of aqua glitter snowflakes.

11.6.13 both + xmas 055One of these days I hope to do an ENTIRE Christmas themed booth and tree in these colors; sepia, tea stain and a little gold.

11.6.13 both + xmas 046Holiday cookie tin is filled with mini cupcake ornaments:

10.31.13 both malls 013

10.31.13 both malls 014

11.6.13 both + xmas 057Big snowflake/paper rosette ornaments or package toppers.

11.6.13 both + xmas 061Little red birdcage with REMOVABLE snowman scene inside.

10.13.13 botj malls projects 108Here’s a better look at what’s inside the cage.  It’s all glued onto a round piece of cardboard that fits right into the cage.  Use it as a Christmas decoration (small enough to use as an ornament on the tree even!)  then take the show scene out to use it throughout the year!

11.6.13 both + xmas 035Bigger bird cages are fun to use for Christmas decor too.  I put a little pedestal nest in this one, but you could set up part of your mini Christmas Village in it or fill it with pretty glass balls or battery operated candles.

11.6.13 both + xmas 058

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