Taking the book pages and sheet music wreaths to the NEXT level

I’ve done several posts on wreaths made using old book pages and sheet music, here’s the link  to all the previous posts just in case you want to review.

7.4.13 CUR + projects dresser 003

These are the latest ones that I had worked on.   The one on the left is FLAT, mounted on a cardboard base.  The one on the right was mounted on a paper covered styrene wreath form; which are just getting TOO expensive to buy new anymore.  Having not been able to find any of them at thrift stores, I had to try making my own forms from cardboard.


So I looked at those hanging on my pantry for WEEKS, trying to figure out what ELSE I could do to them.  Michael mentioned that I should add glitter.  Agreed.  but I only added it ‘here and there’.  (maybe I’ll FULLY glitter the next batch!)  Then I found a few printed up tea stained banners left over from a few years ago and VOILA!!

P1090540The perfect finishing touch!

P1090541On to the flat ones.










P1090546I had run out of banners when I got to the smallest wreath, so I added one of the ruffled crepe paper ornaments I had just made to it.




P1090548I’m quite pleased with how they turned out! 

These have been divided up between both mall booths.

I’m thinking that I can make them with different sayings for year round use and other holidays too!


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  1. Did you think of trying to make a key mold from fancy keys so you can replicate..? ….also …gluing fabric inside the can and a fabric “hinge to the lid with maybe fancy upolstry tacks so the tins could be used for something …I know it could be nicer to use them and nice for u to sell more plus have the best keys in abundance …sorry I have zillions of ideas

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