Hand stitched Valentine hearts: 2014 edition

I typically start working on Valentine stuff right after I get all my Christmas stuff put out in my mall booths.   This last year was no different.  I started stitching the day after Thanksgiving when we went to the coast for the weekend with my son and his girlfriend.  Doing hand stitching is just very relaxing for me.  I’m never entirely sure WHAT I am going to stitch until I actually start stitching.  I usually start with some simple, basic heart shapes . . . then I get inspired to try something new.

P1100560The first year I did these, I stayed with traditional RED.


 Then last year I did a lot of tea stained hearts with buttons.


 Started off the ones for this year with some creams and tans; then decided to add pink and then turquoise.


All the hearts are individually hand cut, no pattern; and each design is original and unique.

P1100566I use ‘pinch needle yarn’ to stitch them together.  I just like the look I get with it as opposed to using regular thread.  sometimes I MATCH the yarn to the heart; sometimes I use a contrasting color.


I did a lot of ‘seed stitches’ on many of them this time too.  It takes a LONG time to add all those decorative stitches, so I only added them ‘here and there’.   I just like the ‘polka dot’ look!


After I got all of those done, I dug out some lace and ribbon and made this one with a key added to it.

P1100672That batch of hearts is available to purchase in my booth at Curiosities.

After I did that batch I found a bunch of lace that I had tea stained a summer or two ago.  (easier to stain in the summer when you can let it dry out in the sun!)

P1100582And I made this bunch!

P1100572I started out with stitching the lace to the felt backing; but soon realized that it would take an entire DAY just to apply the lace to a single heart!


Grabbed my trusty bottle of Aleen’s tack glue and started gluing the lace to the felt backing.


I had to let the glue dry overnight before embellishing and stitching on the backing and stuffing.

P1100577Added some snippets of burlap here and there, scrapbook embellishments (little metal tags) and buttons.

P1100578By the time I got it down to a routine, it took me about 30 minutes to apply the patchwork of lace to each heart.

P1100603This entire batch has gone to my booth at Stars.


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  1. These are darling! So talented ☺


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