It’s ‘officially’ now a COLLECTION!

Yippee!  I have a new collection.  Armillary spheres. .  I’ve always liked them and finally splurged and bought myself one a couple of years ago when I got my $10.00 bonus from shopping at Goodwill.  It was white and a little rusty in spots  fit in nicely with my globe collection and my shabby chic style.

P1100549I was content with just the one.  But then I found another at a price I couldn’t pass up; so now I had a pair of them.  It’s not really a ‘collection’ unless you have 3 or more; so once I got that second one, I REALLY wanted a third one!

P1100553My dear friend and thrift shopping buddy got me this smallest one for Christmas!

P1100550Is it not THE PERFECT size to round out my collection???  I do not think I could have found a more perfect one if I had tried.  Now it’s officially a collection of armillary spheres!

P1100556Here’s the other special treasure I got for Christmas, to go with my Santos (faux and repros!) collection.  Isn’t she sweet?!?

P1100555And here she is in her place of honor amongst my others.

Did you start any new, or add to your  collections over the holidays?

P.S. If anyone knows the correct plural of armillary PLEASE let me know!  I tried looking it up and can’t even find the original word.  sigh.  *** Asked and answered (thanks Pam!) and edited accordingly.

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  1. I found info in an old encyclopedia brittanica. I found info on Wikipedia & Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary also. The correct term is an armillary sphere. So, the correct plural is armillary spheres. These are also called celestial spheres or astronomy spheres.

    But, in modern times and because English is a spoken language, I would think armillaries works too. 🙂

  2. There are two different spellings and both are similar but different items. Yours is an armorillary, and an armillary is one with celestial do dahs on it. The arrow ones are armorillary.One would add ies to the end to make plural. I suspect over time the spheres with the mechanical movement of the rings was changed into a decoration with the arrow, making it more a non usable piece. I am downsizing all my collections. Recent hospital stays made me realise I have way too many to dust! Yours is lovely!

  3. Hi. I saw a collection of santos on sale at one kings lane. Here is the web address:

    Just thought you might be interested.

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