Applying old book pages to furniture

By now I’m SURE you’ve seen the new decorating trend of using old book pages and sheet music to cover pieces of old wood furniture.  I’ve been doing it for quite some time, but had not used the technique for a while; only because I didn’t have any good ‘candidates’ for the procedure.


Untillllllllllllllllllllllll . . . . I found this little cutie at an estate sale.



And this ugly mess on the inside of the door, but otherwise in good shape and such pretty wood; it is the perfect candidate for using old book pages to cover up the flaws that ‘just painting over’ would not be enough to repair.


Perhaps I can even cover the entire inside of the cubby too?!?!


I started by sanding the top and that ugly patch on the inside of the door.  The ‘drawer innards’ were pretty ugly too, so I glued down a heavy-duty piece of cardboard and planned to add book pages there also.


For the pretty wood parts that I didn’t want to cover up, I simple ‘refreshed’ the finish withy some medium Watco oil.


When it came time to paper the top and inner part of the door, I decided to give my ‘outdoor’ Mod Podge a try.  Thinking that it would be a better and longer lasting finish than the ‘liquid starch and varnish’ method I have always used in the past.

TOTAL FAIL!!!!  All the pages bubbled and wrinkled and just in general looked AWFUL.  But it had been a little damp outside, even in the workshop and storage shed; so I brought it inside to see if the dry air would.  Nope.  I was going to have to sand it all off and start over!!!!   DOH!!!!


But it was well worth that extra work.  Look how beautiful it turned out!!  The book pages were naturally yellowed and the liquid starch dried smooth as glass.  Once completely dry, I added a coat of matte varnish as a protective sealer.


So the moral of this story is: Forget all those fancy newfangled specialty products and stick with your tried and true techniques if you are happy with how they work.


I ended up NOT papering the entire inside of the cubby.  Would have required a bit more ‘reaching in and contorting’ than I ma able to do with my ‘bum back’.


I added matching vintage pulls to the drawer and door.  Will save the crystal knob that came on the drawer for a future project.

P1100827After all that extra work of having to sand off the first paper application, I decided the drawer innards were well enough to leave alone.


Even the back side of this piece is quite pretty.  But if you have pieces with ugly backing and the back part will show with where you are using it; the book pages technique is perfect for that.


This piece is destined for my booth at Stars; and will be there by the end of the week.

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  1. You are so talented!

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