Key collages

So, I had all the scraps of papers left from the altered tins and was in a ‘collage kind of mood’, so the next night after I altered the tins, I made these key collages:

P1100830Most of these frames are thrift store/estate sale finds that I have repainted.

P1100831Scrap papers are vintage keys.

P1100832ACK!!!  Sorry ’bout the blurrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!  These are two of the ‘flat back’ keys and the big one is a vintage repro from the craft store.

P1100833Three vintage keys.

P1100834Vintage repro key from craft store.

P1100835Both flat back craft store keys.

P1100836Craft store vintage repro key.

P1100837Another craft store vintage repro, oriented to be displayed vertically.  Most of the others are horizontal or square.

P1100838Another vertical, craft store repro.

P1100839And I found one MORE tin.  A lone round one.

P1100840The bird design was already on the paper I used.

P1100841I glued a stack of graduated sizes of buttons to the lid.

The fruits of another evening in front of the TV!


Some of these have gone to each of my booths at Stars and Curiosities.

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