Little outdated cabinet ~ updated

P1110461Little cabinet I found at the thrift store.  FIRST thing I do is look inside the door to see how difficult it will be to remove the stained glass.

P1110462It’s MY lucky day!!!  The glass is just TAPED in place!!  SOLD!  I can just add a piece of plywood in place of the glass.

P1110519It had an eye screw hook and latch on the right side, which I removed; as well as the knob.   Since it was not painted or varnished, I didn’t even have to sand it before I painted it!

P1110520Since I saved so much not on prep (or lack thereof!) I decided to spend extra time on painting; and painted the inside too.  NOW I kinda like it AS IS.  Not sure I want to cover up the front opening?!?!?!

P1110522I paint the front piece and ‘try it on’ and decided to go ahead with it.

P1110521Flip through my stencil collection to see what design might work for the front, and settle on this chandelier.

P1110526Ran a bead of glue (tacky glue) on the inside rim and plop it in and let the glue set overnight.

P1110525After replacing the knob I decided a skeleton key would be a good addition, so I tie one onto the handle.

P1110528Nice little cabinet to hang on the wall or set on a counter.

P1110544It’s available for purchase in my space at Stars for $45.00.

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