Is YOUR favorite Stars Dealer having a special ‘one day sale’???

And I’m NOT just referring to MYSELF here!  Well, I DO hope that I am st least ‘one of’ your favorite Stars dealer; but I digress.  THE POINT IS:

If you like to shop at Stars (and/or Stars & Splendid!) ,

and have a favorite dealer or two (or ten!)

AND you like saving money

and you have not YET ‘liked’ the Stars Facebook Page 

Get thee over there RIGHT NOW and do so!!

Your reward for this will be that you will be amongst the ‘elite shoppers’ who will be privy to the weekly Facebook special sale notifications for TWO different dealers from each mall EVERY WEEK.

This sale will ONLY be advertised on the Stars Facebook page.  Every Wednesday two different dealers from each mall, Stars and Stars & Splendid, will offer a special % off EVERYTHING in their booth that Thursday only.  Pictures of their current offerings will be shown to give you a bit of a preview.

The sales start NEXT WEEK, so don’t miss out.  (Especially IF I am one of your fav dealers. . . .because my booth is in the sale the first week!!)

This will be a great opportunity to shop and save without the usual throngs of bargain hunters that the store-wide sales inevitably draw.

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  1. Shame I am in Australia! One day I will get mine-self over there and see all the goodies.

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