Outdated gold wall cherubs ~ shabby cottage chic updates

If you’ve EVER gone to a thrift store or rummage sale, you’ve seen them!  The old gaudy GOLD cherubs that were apparently VERY popular at one time.  They have a hook or a hole on the back so you can hang them on the wall.

They come in all kinds of poses and sizes and different shades of gold.

Some are plaster,  some are plastic, some are holding instruments.  But the one thing they ALL have in common is that they have LOST their  appeal.  Or so you’d think.

It’s amazing what some white paint and antiquing glaze can do!  It’s not the cherubs themselves that have lost their appeal; it’s just the outdated GOLD color!

This is a TINY pair (about 2″ tall) from an old post.  They were mounted on dark turquoise velvet in the oval frames.  JUST.  UGLY.

Look how beautiful they turned out!!!

The moral of this post is never avoid buying something ONLY because you do not like the color.  The color can (ALMOST) always be changed.

This one was ugly gold when I bought it too.

P1110415I wanted to try something different on this set, and see if I could make the make-over process a little simpler.  I spray painted them VERY lightly, so as to not get the paint down into all the creases.

P1110416This would save me from having to do the antiquing process.  And I quite like how this pair turned out.

P1110418But you have to be sure that you start with cherubs that HAVE a lot of detail to them and sharp lines for this to work.  It can’t hurt to at least give it a try.  If it doesn’t look like you’d hoped, you can still always do the antiquing glaze step.

P1110420You really can’t see the gold undercoat, but it still looks a bit ‘shaded’.


Those two cherubs have gone to my booth at Curiosities.  A perfect little Valentine or Christmas decoration; but not SO holiday specific that they can’t be used year round.  They’d make cute wedding decorations too!

P1110423The rest of the cherubs got the old ‘antiquing treatment’.

P1110425This very small one I mounted on a 5″ plaque with attached easel.

P1110424Vintage looking sheet music scrapbook paper background; and a hand stamped ‘bliss’ tag.

P1110475This one is also at Curiosities.

P1110426The rest of them were made into plaques.

P1110428I’m finding that I prefer to wipe away as much of the antique glaze as possible these days; as opposed to leaving more of it on in the past, which gave it a ‘grubbier’ look.

P1110429Old dictionary page, tea stained paper doily then a red paper doily for the background on this pair.

P1110430The ‘hope’ and ‘love’ cut outs came from the craft store; and I backed them with pieces of tea stained paper.  This pair and the next set are still sitting here at home!  Will be going to one of the booths next week.


Went with a simpler background on these three, pretty much out of necessity!  The bigger cherubs took up most of the plaque.  These plaques came WITH the black scrolls on the top.


P1110439And of course, the ALWAYS get a crown!

P1110433If you love the tiny crowns but don’t think you want to be bothered to make your own; (there IS a tutorial for them in my blog)  I do sell them in my etsy shop HERE.

P1110434The word tags on these are ones that I hand stamped on tea stained paper.

You can buy my tea stain recipe in my etsy shop too.  (if you make your own tea stain with actual tea, coffee or vanilla; you NEED my recipe.  That other stuff gets REALLY stinky if you make it really dark and/or leave it sit for a while.  My stuff keeps ‘forever’ and can be made scented or unscented.  End of shameless plug for my etsy shop)


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  1. I love what you did with them!

  2. I’m just curious, what kind of paint do you spray with? It looks like flat white.

    • Yes, I always use FLAT paints. For this kind of thing, white or cream.


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