One outdated desk turned into two night stands . . .

 . . . and eventually a coffee table too! (out of the top by adding some legs)


I don’t have a picture of the WHOLE desk; pre dis-assembly.  It was a desk with matching drawer units on both sides.  I brought it home and needed Michael’s help to get it out of my car.

P1110685 Explained to him what I wanted to do with it and went inside to get my camera to take the picture.  Got back outside and he had already taken the top off!  Oh well.

P1110684Had to do a little ‘patching’ on the inner facing part of each side where the center drawer was connecting the two sides.  (something I will have to remember to watch for in the future.  Prior to this one, I had only done this to a desk with drawers on ONE side).  We had to cut new tops for both of the night stand too.


Desk top that has been set aside for now.  Have to find ‘just the right legs’ to make it into a table later on.

P1110686Dovetailed joints on the drawers.  Nice!

P1110687UGLY drawer pulls HAD to go!

P1110683The hunt for replacement pulls is always a challenge.  Old furniture and NEW pulls are not always ‘sized the same distance’ between screw holes.  The ‘cup shaped’ handles are SO popular right now, AND they fit the existing holes!  But I only had four of them.  I could have used the four I had on one of the stands and something different on the other, but felt that I should ‘match them’ so that they might sell as a set.


You CAN fill the old holes and drill new ones, but it you are replacing a two hole pull with a one hole pull, your previous holes will still show a bit when you distress the piece.   I found some gold knobs and a can of spray paint and put two knobs on two of the drawers.

P1110804Not the BEST look, but not the worst either.  I COULD go out and buy all new matching knobs/pulls for the pieces I re-do, but that would really add up when determining the selling price.   I feel it’s better to ‘make-do’ and sell it for a more reasonable price.  The purchaser can then buy new knobs/pulls to suit their decor if needed.


 All done!  And ready to go to a new home from my booth at Curiosities in Beaverton.  $82.00 each.







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  1. All i can say is WOW great work!!

  2. I absolutely love these! Well done!

  3. Super! I never would have thought to cut up a desk like that. Love the single knobs in the double holes. Gives the pieces a unique look and so not something one can find at a big box store piece.

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