Ack!  The snow sure put a damper on my ‘one day Stars sale’!  Oh well, there will be 2 different dealers with special deals NEXT Thursday; and I will put my name back on the list for the next available spot.  I’ll let you know when MY booth is on sale again at Stars.  But if you want to keep track of the OTHER weekly dealers; you’ll need to follow the Stars Facebook page.

P1110859Look what the snow created in our driveway!  Does that look like a smiling Panda or what?!?!

P1110857It’s a big piece of culvert with an old milk can inside it.

P1110853We had 6″ as of last night.  Looks like about double that now.

P1110861Kitty Spike has FINALLY given up on trying to go outside today; thank goodness.  Yesterday he wanted out every hour and would just look out at the snow, then GLARE at whomever had opened the door for him, as if to say “What the heck is this?!”

P1110775I did manage to do a little thrift shopping the day before the snow hit.  This vintage spice rack is in really great shape and I might actually leave it ‘as is’ and see how that goes.

P1110778What can I do with an old wall paper paste brush???  I’ll figure out something.  And egg shaped knob to use as a knob for a wire cloche; and a cute little repro firkin (no lid)

P1110779Vintage patterns to play with.  May use them to apply to some furniture (like I did with book pages) OR make some lamp shades out of them.

P1110780Jewelry box to make over.

P1110782Nice and CLEAN drawer insides.

P1110783Set of three nesting trays to alter.


Big ole table leg to make into a candle pedestal.

P1110787Cute lidded box to make over.

P1110777Precious angel picture.

P1110790Definitely OLD angel picture.  To fix the backing I’ll pull off all the old paper;  then add a cardboard backing and paper cover.

P1110795Now I won’t have to worry about paper getting brittle and tearing.

P1110794Cute bird napkin ring (just found the one) will be used as a handle for a cloche.  Will add a plate to the cherub dish to make it into a cake pedestal.  And the little white creamer because I cannot resist them!

P1110792Heart shaped ceramic cherubs dish has already gone to Curiosities.  (AND will be half price during my white sale)

So I guess all these projects will have to keep me busy until the snow clears and I can trek out to the workshop!

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  1. If you like, I can send you over our 40+ Celsius heat wave! What I wouldn’t give for a bit of snow right now! No sleep for weeks…gah! That photo DOES look like a smiling panda. At least someone’s happy! Hee hee

  2. It does look like a panda! We had about 7 inches here in Tigard. Love your treasures. Can’t wait to see your results.

  3. AJ I’ve seen an old wooden ironing board decoupaged with the old patterns and it was so cool! Always wanted either a large craft or sewing room or even laundry room to do one to hang on the wall.

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