Rain (well actually SNOW) check on last weeks Stars sale. SAVINGS ALERT!!

Since Stars ended up closing early last Thursday due to the snow, the vendors who were supposed to have their ‘one day sale’ last week missed out.  So, to catch up AND stay on schedule, the sale vendors are DOUBLED for this week!  So the vendors from last Thursday AND those on schedule for THIS Thursday will ALL be on sale TOMORROW.  And “Stars Too” will also be on sale tomorrow only.

See the Stars Facebook page for the weekly sale notices.  Remember, this is an UNADVERTISED SALE, except for the notice on Facebook.  So you’ll need to mention you are there for the Facebook sale when you check out.  There are NOT signs in the booths for this special Thursday sale; the way that Stars does their regular sales and puts up signs in the participating booths.  So, white yourself a little ‘cheat sheet’ of the vendor numbers that are participating for the week before you head out, and remember to mention the Facebook sale at check out!


Just got a notice from one of my favorite stencil supply places that they are having a 40% OFF SALE!  

Visit the Maison de Stencils web site.  The promo code for this sale is right at the top of the web page.  No ‘exact’ ending date on this sale, but shop early for best selection.  Better yet, while you are on their site, sign up for their mailing list to get their sale notices sent directly to your email!

And now it’s back to bed for me!  I started feeling sick last Thursday, just after I stocked my booth at Curiosities for my HALF OFF WHITE SALE (which is in effect until further notice; and I clear out enough stuff to have room for NEW inventory) .

 Of course  VERY sick over the course of the five days that we were ‘snowed in’.  (spent the entire time in bed!) Too sick to drive myself to the doctor yesterday, (AND our driveway was still pretty slick!) so had to wait for Michael to get home and take me to the ER for antibiotics. I’m STARTING to feel better now; but after being up for 2 hours I’m ready to get back in bed!


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  1. Hope you are feeling back to normal real soon!

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